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  • This page is mainly a list of links to research on various electrical components of the GVCS.

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Universal Power Supply


  • [1] 2019 list of commercially available and soon to be available thermal to electrical energy conversion technologies




4 Prong Wiring Diagram
  • 4 Prong 240V 30/50A socket to 3 Prong 240V 30/50A receptacle instructions (for miller generator conversion)
    • Use 3 strand (3+ground) 6 gauge wire.
    • For 4 prong socket:
    1. Connect bare copper ground to round, top prong
    2. Connect white to bottom, square prong
    3. Connect black & red (hot) leads to side, square prongs
3 Prong Wiring Diagram
    • For 3 prong receptacle
    1. Connect bare copper ground to center, square prong
    2. Connect red & black leads to other two prongs
    3. Cut white lead at base of plug. Do not attach.

Yahoo answers source for cutting neutral
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