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  • This page aims to go over User: Eric 's Planned Ecosystem and Workflow for Data Storage, Archival, and Retrieval



  • Personal Smartphone (As of now whatever iphone i get and hold on to for as long as they let me)
  • Laptop
  • (Potentially in the future a work phone, and potentially a workstation running Linux / OSE Linux )
  • Collection of Read Only Music CD's + Movies on DVD/Blu-Ray/4k Blu-Ray etc
  • Purchased MP3 / FLAC Music


Storage Media


  • SSD in Smartphone
    • With potential replacement in 10 years or so, or when getting a business phone, i can look for ones that have a removable card for that, in which case that would be an aspect as well, probably a Micro-SD Card
  • HDD in Laptop
    • Either a direct clone+swap with a SATA SSD , or a Clone to a M4 Slot SSD then use the SATA HDD as "warm" storage is a near-term upgrade i want to do


  • Data Buddy Mini-NAS / Modular Data Card Reader
    • This would most likely be a Raspberry Pi NAS and a seperate (or a slick integrated DIY frame) card reader utilizing either OTS Framework Laptop port modules, a used Logitech Tower, or maybe that new tower (i think by logitech, i'll grab the links), but it is overpriced as hell so probably not)
  • Larger Homelab / Server Type NAS
    • I don't have this level of DATA (or money lol), but long term a Home / Makerspace Level Server also fits into this
    • There are some nice flight case type things, or rolling cabinets with only 10U or so of rack height which can be an in-between
  • A CD Jukebox / DIY+OS Version of the Sony Optical Data Archive System utilizing M-Disc and potentially a DIY Cassette for it?


  • Semi-Automated Optical Cold Data Storage
    • The [Primera Bravo Disc Publisher]] (4102 Model) i got off ebay will print, and probably burn (if i can get that working with the modern discs/software) the discs as needed
    • Potentially every month? I'll add that to the list of things i am learning my personal "cycle time" on
    • These will then be removed from the printer, put into individual Optical Disc Jewel Cases , and labels will be printed for those on a standard inkjet (although a black and white laser, or heck even a Dye Sublimation printer may be better for long term lol, laser engrave would be cheap+multi-use? Granted paper is easy to check+update if damaged) as per that one tutorial's template
      • Could potentially hunt down (or even make) a software/software suite that takes the data, sorts it into disc sized bits with the proper Metadata , sends the instructions to the Primera Bravo Disc Publisher for burning and the on-disc printed labeling, then generate the png's for the jewel case insert labels
    • The jewel cases will be put into essentially a glorified box with a lid, i'll dig for ots options and put them up here, also how many per box and what that means data/time wise
    • That may also get it's own label/qr code etc
    • I do want some sort of Rolling Tool Box type thing (or those rubbermaid bins with the small injection molded plastic wheels, although less ease of use, and Pelican Case type features of the "rolling tool box" type containers can be nice (although weather stripping/tape/having the contents inside be in bags etc can be cheaper) so all my belongings not in use / in storage are all in those as a sort of Unit Load Device type thing, instead of crappy rubbermaid bins and cardboard boxes etc. Also when moving or doing a Hurricane Evacuation etc just grab and go, no digging/packing and all that. This is somewhat off topic lol, but TLDR How many jewel case boxes per rolling tool box / can the box stack nicely in those?

Existing DIY/OS Work


NAS Hardware

  • Re: Raspberry Pi NAS and all that
  • Software side of it all should be looked into+documented as well

Optical Media Stuff



  • Great workflow by Daniel's Tech World (YouTube Channel)
  • I was planning on burning a CD with (what would turn out to be quite hacked together/low quality due to the dated proprietary editor, and needing to get a Template into Krita or GIMP and mess around for a good while to make a nice looking version) printed cover and all that of some music only on YouTube as a neat trial run that wouldn't entirely be a waste
    • In looking into all this i was diving into OS Software for all that
      • Also an Audio CD, and a Data CD with MP3s are different, so there was that, there was some digging to see if CD-Text could be done (So Audio CD, but getting your album name and more importantly song names+timestamps in there and whatnot, this was a bit more complex. This also tied into Disc-At-Once, Track-At-Once, and Session-At-Once modes. I think the goal would be A "Session-at-Once, Audio CD (using CD-Text )"
      • Granted the "bread and butter" of this thing is going to be boring Data Burns on Blu-Ray or M-Discs with just text and a 2D Barcode on them
      • Still a neat capability to have though, and all i have on me right now are some Inkjet Printable CDs


  • So they will be stored with the Labels on the Disc Itself, the Jewel Case, then have the container of those labeled as well
  • I think that VVV software did it, but in theory the process will be "ah i want that log from 2022" or "vacation photos from 2015" etc, search either ties over, or search directly in VVV, it says open box 8, disc 15 or whatever, pull that out, put it in the drive and good to go.

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