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The event develops assets beforehand, for active developemnt, but it also seeds future development- as always, it is only the beginning

Seed Eco-Home! A ten trillion dollar market. See Market Size.

General Breakdown

  • Template:Dev+ - technology dev
  • Template:Enterprise - enterprise dev
  • Modular breakdown to house components, variations of each, different products of product strateegy.
  • Metric of success - #people showing up. Hours logged. Prototypes successfully built. Each prototype is $500 and under for 100 of them x3 prototypes for each. Total budget for prototyping is $150k.
  • Modular Breakdown of house: wall (specific type is grid electric module, door module, window module, interior divider wall), floor, roof (variations are living roof, EPDM, metal, shingle, etc, Bathroom/Kitchen Module (panel with 2 sides for quick hookup, like in MH 1), Kitchen Module, PV Module, Stove Module, Internet Module, Grid electric Module, Water Hookup module, Foundation module compatible with panels, Biodigester module, greywater module.
    • For each module - there is a dozen or 2 dozen variations based on specific features or cost.
    • For each module, there may be submodules (wall - wall covering-interior; wall covering-exterior)
  • Interfaces - floor to foundation, floor joints, floor to wall
  • Experimental Team - Strawbpard for free panels ($30/pop), plastic parts with 4x8 printer, and CEBs). Otherwise it's off-the-shelf lumber, plastic, metal, and ceramic.
  • Products: Needs product strategy team.
  1. Public e-Book for sale (free to participants, free in exchange for email).
  2. Consulting business - training manual for consultants.
  3. Toy Scale Model Kit, by laser cutting,
  4. nd 3D Printing.
  5. Education model kit (see industry standards).
  6. Panel Kits - real house build.
  7. Workshop Seats - for a modular house workshop where you learn to build the panels so you build a 1000 sf house for $50k with 2 friends over a weekend (with one module per weekend done and stashed away: so a full plan for how to do this.
  8. Panel House on a trailer.
  9. Telescoping panel house on a trailer (Steel frame module that telescopes on linear bearings), from 24x8 to 24x20 starter house that can be delivered at a slightly higher cost.
  10. Full house, turnkey service a la OBI-style business.
  11. Deluxe house package
  12. Minimal house package
  13. Microhouse for homeless package
  14. PV module e-book with open source inverter and lithium battery pack or lead acid pack.
  15. PV module turnkey workshop service.
  16. PV module DIY install service.
  17. Aquaponic greenhouse e-book.
  18. Aquaponic greenhouse-as-a-service modular tilapia greenhouse for distributed agriculture (greenhouse built at a customer's site, as a service, removable once service contract is up (creative financing needs to happen here for the $5k install cost) )
  • People breakdowns - by business function of delivering a working enterprise: customer service, sales, marketing (copy and protocols such as getting on podcasts including Joe Rogan), production, shipping, packing, legal, website, branding, enterprise training.



  1. Open source pile driver attachment. Low cost rental.





Utility Module

Kitchen Module

Bathroom Module


  1. Carpenter pool
  2. Pile drivers
  3. Renewable energy installers


  1. Open Source contract and education. License of event.
  2. Distributive Enterprise Contract and Education -
  3. Open Collaboration - education on that with Eugene Kim
  4. Free Enterprise - business models that do not rely on scarcity
  5. Code of Conduct
  6. Website - all of our banners/logos for collaborators
  7. Crappy Intro Video with distilled message
  8. Partnership - with Adam Savage of Red Bull or the like - a high profile personality, preferably in the marketing world such as Vishan Lakhiani or Tony Robbins

Breakdown Tasks and Comlexity Management

The key to rapid velocity in hardware development is experience - and especially experience in prototyping. To add experience, we need to do excessive prototyping. We need to seed as much of the known as possible. This includes:

  1. Detailed SEBD - systems engineering for performance, enterprise, lifecycle, and OSE Spec integration. SEBD applies to the technology itself, but since we are developing an enterprise, we need a detailed generic SEBD that includes the enterprise level up to the point of sale in the framework of a distributed enterprise.
  2. Tech Tree of Choices for each component
  3. Rapid Prototyping Breakdown - details of TDD prototypes that can be started immediately for small partial tests that combined to the finished product.
  4. Test Driven Design Breakdown - a detailed list of specifications to test for - such as heating, power, speed, weight, and other quantities related to Calculations that can be tested and data-collected. This list can be started immediately upon start of Extreme Enterprise events - with data points collected rigorously throughout.
  5. Admissible Part List - we agree on the components that we are allowed to use - and we put them into FreeCAD as part libraries. 2 deliverables:
    1. FreeCAD part library of admissible parts
    2. BOM spreadsheet for the Approved Vendor List

Summary: One of the top challenges is prototyping, which would be done from the onset of the XE (Extreme Enterprise) event. Learn from the Open_Source_Hardware_Trap. And solution for the cost of prototyping is to fund it for the Extreme Enterprise event: Rapid_Prototyping_Breakdown

Tech Tasks

  1. FreeCAD Part Library - customizer
  2. FreeCAD Part Library - workbench
  3. Coil Winding Jig - design
  4. 3D Printed Bearing Team' - design
  5. Air Bearing Version - Design - for high speed applications
  6. Scalability Strategy and Design - works closely with Modularity analysis and design
  7. Materials Strategy - exploring different material versions
  8. Under water version of motor
  9. Software - firmware for pulses
  10. Feedback - LED or Hall Effect Sensor
  11. App - RPM and power measurement app, design EM Simulator Design
  12. Students - research Industry Standards
  13. Gamers - do a conceptual design of motor in Minecraft?
  14. CAD designers - do the design
  15. 3D printers - do the build
  16. Wind turbine people - Kostas
  17. Electric generator people - develop the generator side of the motor
  18. STEM curriculum writers - Electricity lesson
  19. FreeCAD, Blender, OpenSCAD, , LibreCad, KiCad, QUCS, OpenFOAM, communities - draftspeople
  20. QElectro Tech - open source electric design
  21. Also - list all other software projects that may be relevant to this.
  22. Sparkfun - kit product interest?
  23. Adafruit - kit interest?
  24. List all open source technology projects
  25. Requirements + Value Proposition
  26. Conceptual Design
  27. Module Breakdown
  28. 3D CAD - 12 parts breakdown
  29. Calculations - control speed for Arduino
  30. Embedded Arduino Design
  31. Electronics Design
  32. Wiring and Plumbing
  33. Software
  34. BOM - admissible parts
  35. vBOM
  36. CAM Files
  37. Cut List
  38. Build Instructions
  39. Fabrication Drawings
  40. Exploded Part Diagram
  41. Production Engineering
  42. Build Pictures and Video
  43. Data Collection
  44. Future Work

Product Strategy

  1. Course - on a MOOC site - the last word on Electric Motor Rapid Learning. Protocol: research, get names, distill, productize with Video Team.
  2. Education Curriculum - for schools
  3. Kit - for revenue, onto your website
  4. Extreme Event at the End - we build the thing in metal, we build the thing in plastic, etc.
  5. Funding goes to outsource the prototyping of this
  6. Revenue from webinars - free access to participants, paid access for outsiders


Throughout the event, there is an ongoing schedule number of presentations by subject matter experts who provide focused information related to problems at hand. This is free for participants, and can be monetized for non-participants. Given proper incentive structure - this attracts people to the learning aspect. This can provide the rapid-learning aspect that is necessary for building Integrated Humans.

  1. FreeCAD Path Workbench
  2. FreeCAD FEA - structural deflection.
  3. Design Webinar - about motor design - the best video in the world on all motors by a great teacher or teacher set
  4. Edu Animations - team of 12 in Blender - specific to Axial Flux - exploring Geometries from Columbia paper
  5. Treatment and Script - everything we need to know about motors
  6. Learning Site - forums or other venue
  7. Arduino Programming
  8. How It Works - distilled Animations - Blender - for explaining this
  9. PNP Machine for Distributed Production of Arduino Megas
  10. PNP Machine for Distributed Production of Beagle Bones


  1. Product Site - everything about motor
  2. Extreme Enterprise site - everything about how to do an Extreme Enterprise event


  1. CE certification, UL certification. FCC etc
  2. DQC procedures
  3. Certification
  4. Approval by certifying agencies, such as NIH COVID list. Find these all over the world.
  5. Open Source Licensing of tech under OSE umbrella - agreement for duties and prvileges is spelled out explicitly - what you are expected to do

Supply Chain / BOM

  1. BOM basic parts
  2. MOQ 100 BOM
  3. MOQ 1000 BOM
  4. Technical recursion - selecting one product to open-source
  5. Partnership with magnet supplier or copper wire supplier


  1. List of All Electric Motor-related Sites worldwide. Includes electric cars, e-bikes,
  2. List of All Maker Webites and Locations Worldwide with Quality Control
  3. List of All Community Economic Development Websites and Locations
  4. Invitation of All People with Prior Art


  1. Kickstarter Campaign - delivers capital for development. Participation in event is one reward
  2. HeroX campaign - campaign manager. Campaign assets generation.
  3. Marketing assets - diagrams, infographics
  4. Leader Board - top contributors get rewarded, 100 awards totaling $10k
  5. Corporate sponsor to put an enterprise in hands of all job-development Community Development Organizations
  6. Corporate Sponsorship Strategy for funding an entrepreneur in every city.
  7. Posting on all Crowdfunding platforms to generate added interest.

Business/Marketing/Funding Roles

  1. Fundraising - , like Red Bull proposal. Resource Developmnent - involving resource developers to pitch this as an enterprise within their community
  2. New Economy - community economic development, alternative business models, open source economy, circular economy.Economists - business models, new business models
  3. Electric motor business - someone in the field who could propose value
  4. Kit product - for education
  5. Industrial product - for real work
  6. Distribution
  7. PR - Ben
  8. Video production
  9. Special effects
  10. Legal - license and usage contract
  11. Unique Value Proposition
  12. Business Plan
  13. Open Source Franchise
  14. Training and Management
  15. Facility Design
  16. Supply Chain Development
  17. Production
  18. Quality Control
  19. Product Marketing Assets
  20. Marketing Strategy
  21. Marketing Plan
  22. Product Webpage
  23. Sales Strategy
  24. Customer Support
  25. Shipping
  26. Open Source Everything Store
  27. Marketing and Sales Data
  28. Customer Feedback
  29. Continuing Improvement
  30. Future Work
  31. Logo - for Extreme Enterprise and for Universal Motor Construction Set
  32. Branding and byline

Production Engineering

PE includes improving the open source machines involved, and designing specific production engineering for these machines. For this, we source capable machines, improve them. Needs a 24 person team for each machine, for 5 machines: CNC circuit mill, PNP machine, 3D printer, coil winder. Contingency plan: if these tasks are not specified enough, we reduce to high performance 3DP, CNC mill, coil winder only, no PNP.

  1. This means: 4 teams of 24 people to design machines
  2. 4 teams of 12 people to develop specific production engineering - toolpaths, software mods, etc.


  1. Website- website itself; Kickstarter rewards;
  2. Contract purchase - presale by schools - for $99
  3. In-game purchases of real product
  4. Game - where you build the engine and operate it to see how much torque it has.
  5. Collaborating with existing STEM companies to add to their product line
  6. Distribution on Amazon - Amazon Store Assets
  7. Etsy Store Assets
  8. Crowd Supply distribution
  9. Kickstarter Distribution - we ship you a boatload of materials


  1. Inventory Control - platform
  2. Packaging
  3. Labeling
  4. Approved Shipping Company List


  1. Graphics designer - product brochure
  2. Logo design - brand logo registered by OSE. Or public domain registry.
  3. Copywriter -
  4. 30 second video
  5. 1 minute product video
  6. Infographic
  7. Website
  8. Buy Basket
  9. Distribution - Spakfun, Adafruit, etc

Video/Media/Social Media

  1. Realtime video produced at the same time - with collaborative video protocol. Documentary on the event, with video footage. Remote video protocol for uplaods is explicit. To participate - write a protocol for how you collaborate.
  2. Music composition - compose music about this
  3. Realtime social media campaign
  4. Video Product - on post-scarcity economics and business models. Interview with MJ, Doughnut Economics, Others.

Community Building/HR

  1. Finding a person in each major population center - coupling an entrepreneur and funder and community economic development organization., Fin
  2. Community Economic Dev org - find a person, provide a workspace, find a funder in the local community - do it.
  3. Incentive Element - prize given to the best startup entrepreneur? $1k reward or such
  4. STEM nonprofits - funnel this to their email lists. Get people to participate.
  5. Community Manager
  6. Map of all contributors