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  • PV to electric aquaponic heating for excess day power
  • Hillbilly Heater upgrades for winter heat via greenhouse thermal catchment
  • Wood Cutting for Winter - One week per month. Needs tracked forestry vehicle for effective work
  • Future - pelletizing and operating pelletizer stoves for heat. Far future: solar hydrogen may be evaluated, but pelletized biomass appears to be a good choice. By design, underground housing with solar gain should reduce energy needs by 80-90%.
  • Rocket stoves may be used in the future

Items and Protocols


  • Take off all sheets after workshops and call Maysville Laundromat for pickup - Jan at 816.918.5353.
  • Maintain and update a wiki page on Hablab, such that all people are aware what to do regarding Hablab - sheets, kitchen, bathroom
  • Winterize hablab on Nov 1, and dewinterize on April 1, when programs start again
  • Turn on internet
  • Get local organic milk from Marie at 816.449.0881
  • See Hablab Cleaning Checklist


  • Visit the natural chestnut grove - Menards exit on I-29 and go south-east on 169 3 miles on right hand side of road, can't miss it


  • 1G line - working on it.
  • Acquire a parcel with 1G internet in Maysille - https://unitedfiber.com/maysville/
  • Set up commmunications tower pair
  • for maintenance (mowing), upgrades, winterization, pool, gravel,