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There are several core areas of operations necessary for OSE success:

  1. Technical dvelopment - arriving at industrial productivity on a small scale allows for economic self-determination of peoples, and aims at the eradication of artificial scarcity. This process is transparent and inclusive.
  2. Community development - changing culture is core to transforming the economy towards collaborative design. We build people, not technology. We develop human capacity for open collaboration - which is largely a question of psychological integration on the part of the person. Ego and the illusion of separation are to be denied in order to earn self-determination. Community includes one's immediate community. Good home economics lead to sane global relations. Transformation starts with mastering one's own self by becoming a whole person. If society arrives at sufficient self-mastery, we will have stopped feeding mass psychosis.
  3. Enterprise development - abundance comes from effective execution. Ideas are not enough. The discipline of entrepreneurship stands between ideas and effective production. Transformative enterprise starts with one's local community.




  • Factor e Farm Operations - primarily the site
  • OSE Operations Manual - primarily the organization
  • Oversee consistency of all activity with Mission, Vision, Culture, Core Values, and Critical Path of OSE
  • Oversee budget, accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, audit compliance, and legal compliance
  • Oversee corporate and tax structuring
  • Coordinate activity at OSE sites
  • Oversee all site activity, including site maintenance, agriculture, and construction
  • Oversee internet infrastructure (passwords, domain registrations, media strategy)
  • Oversee all resource development and fundraising activity
  • Oversee delivery of Annual Plan and maintain consistency with Budget
  • Oversee the creation of OSE Chapters
  • Oversee the work of Product Lead,
  • Report to Executive Director

Operations Manual

This manual is for developers, executives, contractors, collaborators, advisors, SMEs, and other team players.

OSE is an experiment in open source economics. It is a voluntary organization. As an economic experiment, OSE operates as an organization with boundaries open to participation. This operations manual should reflect this.

This manual is broken down into the core areas of OSE operations:

  • Human Resources Operations Manual - everything related to recruiting, training, onboarding, hiring and firing contributors
  • Information Technology - all related to the internet infrastructure of OSE
  • Development - everything related to open source development methodologies of OSE
  • Documentation
  • Site and facilities


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