Flail Mower

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(note: flails are not stiff, they will be 1/4" chain with a 3" piece of rebar welded at the end)

Download: File:Flailmower.fcstd

Design Rationale

  • Flails consist of a chain, not shown
  • Different rotors and flails are interchangeable
  • A 3rd bearing can be added in the middle
  • Guards are not shown above
  • Height control via 2 wheels, lifted by hydraulic cylinder
  • Wheels are on idlers, made from 2 1-7/8" bearings and donut car wheels
  • Modular tubing
  • Draw bar has a ball hitch, so this can be pulled by a truck or tractor
  • 10' wide, 8' working width
  • Depth of cut down to -6"
  • Structure can be used for other implements, such as Keyline Plow
  • Hydraulic cylinders can serve as a pressure release in keyline plowing
  • Platform can be used to carry up to 3 totes for watering, 250 gallons each.
  • Box blade for hilling is intended to go behind this
  • Plates can be attached anywhere
  • Double set of tubes acts as connection point for cylinder as well as for the pivot of the raisable wheel set
  • Platform is welded, with all components bolted to it
  • Clamp-on tine sets allow easy interchage of different tine sets
  • Clamp-on is made from 1/4"x2" angle, with 3" welded wings
  • Wheels have a 1-7/8" bearings on each side, and thus serve in as free-spinning idles. Wheel is modular, usable in other configurations - from trailer to a tamping wheel for a keyline plow.
  • 96 flails, each offset by 1" and spiraling around shaft

Flail Sections

See slide 7 for chain flail design: