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Parts for the Brick Press Frame according to the Torch Table Digital Fabrication Process.

Parts Set

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File:CEB frame.dxf
File:CEBFrameAnnotated.dxf - Annotated with part and library numbers


Parts Library

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Download this complete library folder and put it in your LibreCAD or other software platform library folder. See LibreCAD#Filepath_for_Parts for directory structure in Ubuntu. Download individual files: Download nested file with multiples of library files as needed. DXF, full scale (units are inches, frame height is ~44" tall). File:CEB frame.dxf. Note: difference between complete file and individual files is that complete file collapses multiple objects into a single object, so the objects in the complete file cannot be modified.

Mods: needs (1), cylinder mount, (2) compression chamber spacer holes; (3) hopper interface plate holes; (4) compression chamber cover; (5) shorten top plate lower lip by 1.5" total to accommodate hopper rear support; get rid of double bolt hole lines; QC on hopper intterface plate and top frame lip alignment

Parts Index

Complete listing of parts, with unique library parts listed in red.


Digital Fabrication

Machine Settings

Digital Fabrication Instructionals

Quality Control Checklist



2D Preview

3D Preview

Front, Side and Top Views


Exploded Parts Diagram

Step by Step Instructions


Assembly Instructionals

(assembly/disassembly video, 3D assembly animation, etc.)

Quality Control Checklist