Torch Table Digital Fabrication Process

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For December 18, 2012, we are pursuing:

  1. Creation of library of nonredundant parts, in dxf format for LibreCAD
  2. Organizing these via spreadsheet of ALL parts, similar to Master Index of Fabrication Diagram. Now call this the Digital Master Index
  3. In LibreCAD, using a Label Layer - consisting of labels for all parts - to assure that all parts are included in a given file.
  4. Title Block - Title Block should be included in Label Layer
  5. Library Parts are labeled with convention for determining what major module the part belongs to. For example - D1 is component 1 of the Drawer.
  6. Versioning - Wiki has file versioning for individual files, such that library files can be tracked this way. Folders of complete file set may be downloaded via FTP, displacing the need for GitHub while providing full versioning capacity without using non-entry level repository software like GitHub.
  7. In library system - parts are organized by individual cutouts - a file exists for a single piece that falls out of a CNC torch table feedstock material. This is unique to the torch table, where the heavy weight of parts necessitates that the feedstock metal sheet does not shift upon other heavy parts being cut out. To address this, 1/2" of material is left between parts so that feedstock sheet remains as one piece lattice after all parts have been cut out. This addresses shifting of the feedstock or sacrificial slats on the torch table.