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Original Work - Specification, Module Breakdown, Requirements

  • See Work Doc - [1] from SH4 Build Instructions Complete doc to Part 4.


Design workbench in FreeCAD that allows for ready creation of modified versions of the Seed Eco-Home. Intended for builders, contractors, architects, and other critters. The simple breakdown is as follows:

  1. Foundation: - foundation form plan and staking, footer, rebar pattern, etc for any specific footprint of the Seed Eco-Home. Includes rough plumbing design. Outputs a set of technical drawings with annotations regarding sequence for stringing, squaring, and other important notes.
  2. Sill Plate: - generates technical drawings for the sill plate including anchor spacing and specification.
  3. 1st Floor Framing: - generates the framing, sheathing, and apertures for the first floor wall modules and garage modules. Generates one technical drawing for each module. Considers the 1300 sf version symmetry 2' filler modules)
  4. Top Plate
  5. First Floor Ceiling Platform + subfloor
  6. 2nd Story Framing - including exterior penetrations
  7. 2nd floor top plate
  8. 2nd Floor Ceiling platform
  9. Roof assembly -tapers, insulation box, sheathing, EPDM
  10. PV - pv runners, gravel, gravel lock, PV mounts, PV panels
  11. Electrical - adds all electrical boxes based on wall location and code compliance, allowing for the side-to-side shifting of boxes as needed.
  12. Wiring - adds all wires based on design rules, optimizing routing
  13. Canopy, Deck, Landing designer
  14. Vinyl siding Designer
  15. Window Designer
  16. Trim Designer - exterior
  17. Door Designer
  18. Beadboard designer
  19. Beadboard ceiling designer - garage and 2nd floor
  20. Interior trim designer
  21. Gutter Designer
  22. Garage door Designer - physical door, door opener system, and wiring.


  1. Floor plan generator - build on different permutations at Seed_Eco-Home_Designer_2021
  2. Elevations generator
  3. Rendering automation
  4. Site plan generator
  5. 3D elevation model generator - via aerial or terrestrial drone surveying
  6. Engineering drawings generator - for engineering package
  7. Detail generator - for the multitude of standard architecture details according to a best-in-class cross-section algorith
  8. Plumbing generator
  9. Water system generator - fittings, mounts, PEX and integration with framing
  10. Heat pump design generator - allows for different sizes, different tubing and fitting locations, orientation within building. Allows to insert heat pump onto a framing/siding/interior sheathing model.
  11. Power Center Generator - inverter and all other detail based on utility code considerations, location, framing, interior sheathing, and exterior skin.
  12. Kitchen cabinets generator - multiple cabinets, should break this down further
  13. Flooring generator - down to start/end point, tongue and groove detail
  14. Bathroom cabinet generator - for custom cabinets
  15. Hardscape generator - integrated with the 3D elevation model generator for designing the driveway and retaining walls
  16. 3D printing file generator - automated STL generator for individual parts from entire assemblies, including breakdown of larger parts into multiple pieces and for purposes of rebar-reinforced plastic as part of Metal-Plastic Composites
  17. Rebar truss designer - any size, weight truss using extensive and intensive truss scalability with 1/2" rebar. See Large Workshop Structure
  18. Aquaponic greenhouse designer - based on hundreds of pages of documentation at Aquaponic Greenhouse

Work Specification

Phase 2

  1. Mission planning for automated bulldozer - integrated of FreeCAD elevation model generator, ROS, and Ardupilot Rover, based on Beagle Bone AI
  2. Mission planner for trenching water, sewer, and power lines based on GPS-located house data to cm accuracy via RTK GPS. See FreeCAD RTX Integration