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In order to facilitate the development of the Global Village Construction Set in my role as project founder, I am currently negotiating my commitments = to become more effective. This involves pushing the limits of transparency and inclusion while promoting a tight and effective learning organization.

To do this involves streamlining:

  • Wiki documentation/Email Handling - Device streamlined email handling as it relates to documentation. Goals: make things easier to find on wiki, and posting of info on wiki instead of email content along lines of if it's not on the wiki it does not exist for the purposes of global collaboration
  • Documenting process - once established, it should be handed off. Base requirements: kiss (conceptually), lean (implementation-wise), process is reviewable/refinable by outsiders, work product is visible, work product is verifiable (distinct can be handed off, who does it is clear, values of process are communicated, requirements are documented (conditionf of satisfaction, time requirements), intended outcomes are delineated. Organizational ecology shown - how process relates to other processes and other role descriptions.
  • Financial processes - should take no more than 1 hour per month even in a multimillion dollar organization, by utilizing tight process and collaborative entries with internal + external audit
  • True Fans - ties to True Fans should be strengthened to leverage support, and numbers grown via True Fans Platform.
  • Consolidated work logs - absolute transparency on person involvement, contract, progress, contact info. For performance development, review; reporting is built into it at no more than 15 minutes per day, and no extra time for week and month if habit is continued.