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  • A movement in Urban Planning where cities are directly surrounded by a Green Belt (Land Use) of undeveloped, or agricultural land, with the occasional transportation channel cutting through the green belt
  • Originated in 1898 by Sir Ebenezer Howard in the United Kingdom, and continued through the early 1900's as an urban planning philosophy
  • Support has waned, but some supporters still exist
  • Similar to the idea of the OSE Campus, but at a larger scale (ie urban)
  • Was heavily based on the culture + needs + technology of the time, so some features (such as transportation, and distance from industrial zones) will need to be adapted to modern standards
  • Serves a few functions
  1. Providing the "best of both worlds" of rural and urban communities
  2. Spreading out the downtown into smaller downtowns
  3. Providing moore macess to green/natural space for the community
  4. Improving Walkability/Reducing need of cars (IF (and I mean IF) done properly)

How to Modernize the Concept

Mass Transit


  • Keep most agriculture in the outer green belt, replace with gardens, and indoor farms in the industrial zones, as well as small "you pick" style Edible Forest gardens

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