Gas Turbine

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  • A Brayton cycle ( Jet Engine ) Optimized for Rotary Power Production rather than Thrust
  • Can be used for Propulsion ( Turboprop / Turboshaft ) or for Pumping Large Volumes Fluids (Turbine Driven Pumps in Flood Control or Turbine Driven Pumps in Oil and Natural Gas Extraction + Refining), or for Electrical Generation
  • Another use case is as an Energy Supplying alternative to Gas Flaring since they readily accept the Syngas / Light Hydrocarbon / Oil Mixtures often Present
  • They have the Advantage of Energy Efficiency*, Reduced Part Count , and High Power Density
    • This comes at the cost of increased design (ie not finished device, but the planning / design process / modeling) complexity, and Precision Required (See Turbine Balancing )
  • They can be "Fuel Agnostic" to an Extent, however anything with a high Ash Content should be avoided due to the issue of Abrasive Turbine Wear

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