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Github - last edit in 2016 - https://github.com/cnc-club/gcodetools

Gcodetools is a plugin for Inkscape (a free & open source vector drawing program), to export gcode for use with a CNC machine. It is one possible solution for the CNC Torch Table software toolchain. See CNC Torch Table 2/Control Overview for more info.

This is a nice tool for development done in Inkscape. If you want to use this when working in LibreCad, you can export your drawing as an svg, and then open it in Inkscape. This is all theory; I (Dan Benamy) haven't tried it.



GcodeTools Tutorial

Inkscape internal error Solution


Object> Object to Path

Select all paths and then copy/paste to new inkscape document.

Extensions>Gcodetools>Orientation Points

Extensions>Gcodetools>Tools Library

Select all paths

Extensions>Gcodetools>Path to Gcode (change output directory to "/home/username")

Bam, gcode file outputs.