Glass-Lined Steel

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  • Also reffered to as "Industrial Porcelain Enamel" or "Glass-fused-to-steel" (Technology)
  • It is essentially a Glass/Porcelain Lining Inside of a Standard Mild Steel Pipe/Tank etc
  • Thus you have the inexpensive nature of steel, and the high thermal and chemical stability of ceramics/glasses (Re: Borosilicate Glass etc)
  • Common Examples in a non-technical use would be Cookware and Traditional "Cast Iron Bathtubs"

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  • Hopefully this, along with things such as basic controls like use another process etc, engineering controls like this, and Sacrificial Anodes etc could allow basic metals (Like Mild Steel and Aluminum ) to be used in the same manner as Inconel
    • So one could have things like SCWG and various Bio-Petrochemical Reactors be made of appropriate materials (At least somewhat; No Chromium needed etc)

Industry Standards

GLS Tanks

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  • DLC / CVD Formed Diamond Coatings being used in a similar manner
    • I can't remember if This was the paper, but they essentially coated a pipe via CVD but (if i remember correctly) it was Plasma Assisted (PA-CVD) and the plasma was generated around an electrode/antennae/magnetron (whatever the correct term would be) inside the pipe
    • Either way DLC/CVD Coatings, other than requiring complex/(conventionally) expensive hardware, just utilize Methane , Electricity , and some thinks like surface prep materials (washing before the final Plasma Cleaning etc)
  • Open Source Non-Stick Cookware / Open Source Non-Stick Frying Pan (/Saucepan etc)
    • A Bit goofy, but practical, and given the simplicity of Metal Casting followed by loading the finished castings into a PA-CVD machine for a bit, to make a product that sells like crazy (RE: All the "As Seen on TV" pans doing this with goofy names) is honestly a neat capability

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