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Sat Aug 31, 2019

  • D3D 19.06 - Y2 axix must be constrained only in the Y direction, not X, since that is the auto parallel. The implication is that the linear bearings on Y2 can be loose in the X direction, but not in the Y direction
  • Just one electric tape layer around bearing could overtighten the bearings, while without this layer the bearings could be perfectly smooth. -> Even one half layer made it stick.
  • Y carriage upper bolts are inaccessible without a nut holder tool. Move axis away from frame?
  • Overtightening bolts on lightest drill setting can bend the 20% carriage. Carriage may want to be printed with 40% and highest quality possible.
  • Temperature overshoot of bed makes you wait a bit of time for temp to drop back down on startup.
  • Smell from rock wool should be eliminated with non off-gasing material