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  • The Process in Manufacturing and Commerce, where the product/service is examined (Usually with randomly selected samples) to maintain consistent quality, and properties
  • Also should occur to a lesser degree (ie non destructive testing and benchmarks) at the end of an assembly line

OSE Context

For producing kits, OSE performs quality control to test components for functionality according to a checklist of critical items. The critical items list is defined as the requirement for a fully functional machine: functional aspects in whose absence a given product would simply not work.

Individuals who qualify to: (1) understand the required quality control procedures; (2) implements those procedures to verify full product functionality - may receive quality control certification from OSE. OSE solicits such individuals as producers of OSE-certified products.

In OSE's enterprise development procedure, we define the procedures and protocols for quality control and publish these openly on the OSE wiki, using the Enterprise wiki template, Template:Enterprise


Prusa Factory basically tests every part that goes into their printer [1] [2]. For example

  • Inductive Sensor: "this is another of our testers this is for testing the induction sensors so they get plugged in and they're heat cycles so we know if they measure the same same distance if there are hot or not"
  • electronics "simulation" (with test report)
  • power supply
  • weighing of kits (as sanity check)
  • check for level of heatbed


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