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  • A Product by Groasis B.V.
  • Designed to Aid in Tree Planting by increasing the Survivability of the Seedlings in the First Year or So
  • Combines Dew Harvesting, Water Storage, Protection From Wind/Predators, and minor Thermal Moderation into a Single Device
  • The Roof Uses a hydrophobic coating, but may be 3d printable (especially considering it's complex geometry, and thin walls perhaps being printable in Vase Mode
  • Look into if it can have an integrated Seed ball type thing, and make some sort of automated workflow for the lifetrack. (some sort of towed storage device, and automated drilling + placing + covering system (if even worth it, a semi-automated workflow may be more resource efficient) ).
  • Look into real world usage + benefit over not using one


  • It resembles a Bundt Pan to an extent, although less of a curve on the external base, more of a cylindrical 5 Gallon Bucket type profile
  • There is a "lid" with Citrus Juicer Top Piece / Mushroom Gill like V-Shaped Ridges on the Top to Collect Condensation+Dew (The Funnel on the top side of that lid also collects dew+rainwater
  • The "Bundt Pan" Like Center Allows the Sapling to not be blocked
    • The Torus-like section around it stores water
    • It is delivered via a string-capillary keeping the soil damp
  • Thus it Protects the Young Sapling Via:
    • Providing Water
      • Especially in Arid Conditions
      • Also it does not provide so much that it makes it not grow roots/find water on it's own, merely a slow trickle by the capillary to keep it viable past that "planting shock" as it's roots establish in the new area
    • Acting in a manner similar to Cover Crops / Plasticulture
      • It Prevents Grasses and similar plants from outgrowing it and smothering any Direct Sunlight it would get
    • Thermally Moderates the Zone in Which it Grows
    • Preventing Predation by Larger Herbivores

Internal Links

  • Afforestation Workshop -can't seem to find this, was the hazelnut trees i think? had some videos with the lifetrac and whatnot on it. Also made the Tree Guards for animals eating the saplings?
  • Pottiputki (A Tool to Ergonomically Plant Saplings)

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