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Career advancement at OSE revolves around building the road by walking. This is part of an experiment to build regenerative human settlements - which are Distributive in that they can be replicated rapidly anywhere in the world. Replication occurs buy access to training.

  • OSE Developers - the entry level, committed developer. 4 Star Developers (see Dev Log are automatically invited to apply to the OSE Fellows program.
  • Chapters - groups of OSE Developers who are process-managing a product roadmap, after taking Immersion Training of at least 1 week. Participate in OS Microfactory Extreme Design Jams. University Chapters can be organized at Universities.
  • OSE Fellows - full time OSE collaborators who have completed at least 1 month immersion training, and are actively involved in OSE work full time. They run workshops and contribute product development to the Open Source Everything Store. Fellows who are no longer active but in good standing are Fellows Emeriti.
  • OSE Senior Fellows - Fellows who would like to take on additional organizational or leadership roles can apply to be OSE Senior Fellows. Typically, Senior Fellows will run a specific area of research and development at OSE - such as the 3D printing or construction departments, or other areas of operations such as marketing or recruiting. Senior Fellows who continue with OSE have an opportunity to rise up to further executive functions at OSE.
  • Open Source Ecologists - the highest rank is becoming an Open Source Ecologist. This is defined as an Integrated Human who is capable of building settlements that constitute advanced civilization from scratch, bootstrapped from local and natural resources. Open Source Ecologists will be the people who replicate OSE campuses world wide to serve as points of light for their local communities, while collaborating with the greater OSE community to bring about happiness and prosperity.