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Project Summary

Design accommodations to be built as part of Factor e Farm Infrastructure Buildout 2011. (The other major component is a workshop if you are interested in helping with that)


In order to achieve this the goals of OSE, it is vitally important that project participants be cared for in such a way that keeps their motivation intact while they are attend here through dedicated project visits.

That’s where you guys come in. As designers and architects you understand many of the challenges in creating habitable spaces, and how to research and design infrastructure that makes people happy. And we do want people to be happy.

As a part of the continual upgrade in GVCS technologies, initially our construction tools and materials are more limited (though still quite useful), but as additional tools come online and new building techniques are created, we have the capability to iterate through a large number of designs.

We’re calling it the ‘Hab Lab’ because this will serve as a practical laboratory for testing building materials, equipment, and techniques, and also serves as an opportunity to test habitat designs for post-scarcity community.


  1. Submit Designs
  2. Three designs selected by FeF personnel (the people who will live in them)
  3. Comments and refactoring
  4. Final design selection for Hab Lab 1
  5. CAD time
  6. Construction - Follow our project implementation on the Hab Lab page.


  • 6 superinsulated studios,
  • 6 more 3-season studios
  • common kitchen
  • common shower/bathroom
  • supporting electrical power and internet infrastructure

Materials and tools available

  • CEB Earth Brick Press
  • strawbale insulation
  • LifeTrac
  • Thermaclear glazing (1750 sq ft)
  • Gravel for foundations- 6 truck loads
  • cement for foundations
  • Doors, windows
  • fasteners
  • Metal roofing
  • electrical supplies
  • misc power tools

Site Information

A complete site survey is underway (see [1] for progress updates)

Nearby weather station with historical data: [2] (1 mile NW of site)

Design Considerations:

(Thanks Alex)

  • The all-season studios, kitchen, and bathroom will need a Space Heating system.
  • It should take advantage of passive solar design.
  • As this will be a showcase, the building should "look good".
  • Design for ease and speed of construction.
  • The building will need to deal with flooding, given its site.
  • It will also need to deal with the high levels of air and ground moisture we have in this area.  Failure to do so properly will result hazardously high levels of mould within the building leading to health problems and damage to the building fabric.

Current Status

Submit or browse designs on the Hab Lab Design Gallery page.

Follow details of the Fall 2011 Hab Lab 1 project on the Hab Lab page.