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This is the index page for designs submitted for the Hab Lab Design Project

As of mid-September 2011 the last of the submitted designs is the one we are working on for modification and execution.

Submission guidelines

  • Read the specifications and design considerations.
  • Feel free to experiment with your design but keep in mind ease of construction.
  • You should provide a plan and an elevation along with any other essential details.
  • You do not need to have full prints; we have volunteers willing to help with the CAD work on the selected designs.
  • Mockups in sketchup or drawings are appreciated but not required.
  • Be sure to submit a concise paragraph about the design philosophy you are applying and any relevant details particularly about method of construction.
  • Even if your design is not selected for the 2011 buildout it may still provide good ideas, be used in future buildouts, or be useful to others in the OSE community. Your involvement is greatly valued.
  • Comments and suggestions on any submitted designs are welcome; please use the discussion page for that.

Use the following template for your submissions:

Name of your design

Designer: Your Name (link to your Team culturing Page please)

Thumbnail of your design

Description paragraph.

Philosophy/rationale for this design.


  • Link to your files here
  • you can upload them to the wiki
  • Plan view etc.

Submitted Designs

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