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Pitch Video

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This page contains a collection of information, ideas, and materials for use in fundraising for the OSE Immersion Program, and marketing for the Fellowship Workshops. I won't necessarily always be presenting the slide deck so I need to internalize the narrative before speaking with potential donors. I imagined myself mostly speaking 1-on-1 or to a small group and designed the deck to have a lot of visuals to supplement my conversation/pitch


  • I start by introducing OSE and showing Marcin's TED talk. This legitimizes OSE because many people recognize TED
  • I give a status update and introduce the next step, expansion via the Distributive Enterprise Microfactory
  • I outline the machines included and their uses/benefits
  • I outline the benefits for the community in which a Microfactory would be built
  • Finally I make the ask for support, and provide incentives for potential donors

Further Refinement

  • Find a picture of the plastic grinder
  • Add attributions for Recyclebot
  • Edit Fellowship picture on last slide to only ready "Do you want to create the ethical economy" and "Open Source Ecology" on the subheading
  • I would also like to standardize the images to be kind of like the blueprint infographic of the 3D printer on slide 5. Who made this and are the resources/workflow documented somewhere? I'm familiar with GIMP and Blender, so I could maybe import the FreeCAD files into Blender, render it and then use GIMP for the remaining touch up. Will be time consuming

Marcin's Notes and helpful links