Humility Mechanisms

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Building Things

The curse of The Best and the Brightest comes from learned arrogance of people thinking that they are smart because they have not been knocked down by reality checks that lead to resilience, Antifragility, or Sublimation. This is visible contemporarily in some Western critique of Ukrainian progress in the war in 2023. Arrogance is a persistent issue in the American psyche. At OSE, we work on this issue by integrating building of real things into the curriculum. Nothing ever works as you think unless you have true depth of experience, and that depth must integrate the personal, theoretical, practical. Designing and uilding things is humbling because it shows you that reality is more complex than a design, and only elite designers can even approach being able to predict how everything will work. The more innovation, the harder the reality checks.

The short of it is, we value humility. One way to learn it is by building things.