Hydrogen Filling Station

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  • Generates Hydrogen and Dispenses it For Use in Devices Such as Fuel Cells, and Burners
  • Is usually done by one of two methods:
    • Water Electrolysis
    • Hydrocarbon Reforming
  • Can be dispensed in a compressed gas, or as a cryogenic liquid (Metal Hydride Storage Canisters Could Also be an Option, but are less preferable due to lifespan issues)

Off The Shelf Options

  • $120k for this filling station
    • Millenium Reign Energy - $130k for 12 kg/day system. This makes $13,000 worth of fuel per year. No storage or dispensation.
    • With storage and dispensing at 6ksi; 2 kg/day production - only $120k [1]. 12 kg/day production - $325k - [2]
  • This is a good project for the kids.
    • They have an education kit at 1 cu ft/hr for $4k [3]. This produces 1 kg in 350 hours - every 2 weeks. Good start.


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