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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Page in active development. Protocol was defined in 2015, and it is useful to create machine, module, part, and many other icons that can be used as graphical representation for machine and system design. Project Lead - Jean-Baptiste Vervaeck

See Instruction Blog Post for how this development process works - [1]


The OSE Icons are used to facilitate Open Source Product Development. OSE is a tribe of developers, and a tribe needs a common language. That common language inlcludes the wiki, icons, and a common set of development tools in the form of OSE Linux. These 3 elements (+ others) form a development ecology, where each element reinforces the other:

  • The wiki is a large database, and navigation logic needs to be clear to the OSE developer tribe.
  • Icons can be used to represent machines, the development process, enterprise development steps, etc - all the aspects of Open Source Product Development.
  • Icons can be used to distinguish the type of content, such as CAD or an email list.
  • How to find something on the wiki? First, understand that there are different content types (such as CAD assets, email lists, diagrams, etc). Each should be findable by using an official content type word, such as CAD or Diagram, or Email List.
  • The icons should correspond to official content type words - such that the icons reinforce the organization of the wiki - together with the content type words.
  • As such, all Development Template items should have a corresponding icons, and so should all mahchines and their parts - ie, the GVCS Modules. Other icons should include those that are used in creating instructionals - such as safety or tool icons. All in all, any concept or item that is an established OSPD step should have an associated icon.
  • The goal is to have the OSE development tribe understand a common language of development, such that anyone can find anything on the wiki - even in the absence of good wiki indexing. In development work, good organization follows product release - so understanding how to find something on the wiki prior to product release is an important skill that OSE Developers must develop. Icons can help in this understanding to help people navigate visually.

Intro Blog Post

Completion Statistics

  • Goal of 1000 in 6 months
  • Week 2 - 67 first cuts of icons
  • Link to numbers - [2]
  • List of Icons being developed - [3]
  • See also - Graphics Working Team


This is the source repository for OSE's icon library - which includes the source Inkscape files for every icon. You are free to improve these icons by downloading the source and uploading a new version of the file using Wiki Version Control. Write down your change notes. To receive credit for your work, note your contribution in our contributor log:

edit results

Development Process

role allocation
input arrow
output arrow
production engineering
build procedure
concept design
fabrication diagram
industry standards
ose philosophy
velocity measurement
module breakdown
iterative development
design completion
design submission
issue tracking
sign up
technical design
tractor ground speed


spring onion

GVCS Machines



high voltage
cutter rotor warning
ear protection
electrical emergency
no drilling
no hands/keep hands away
no sparks/flames/smoking
no welding
rotating gears/finger-hand entanglement
safety alert
sharp cutting mechanism
shield eyes
electric shock hazard
low voltage
electric converter
electrical energy outlet
direct current
alternating current
operator sequence fault
test fault - electrical system
test electrical system
circuit breaker reset
circuit breaker
generator - electrical power


bucket detach
heavy lift
increased boom lift
boom lock/increased stick lift
swinglock disengage