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integration for Transformation

Sat Jan 22, 2023

Nonprofit soldiers

Global voluntary organization consisting of ethical business leaders Ethical Business Leadership Council. Who fund security forces used for defending from global thugs. Right now (2023) too many politicians are on the Russian payroll to conclude Ukraine summarily, and this is dangerous for society. Abomination to civilization.

Thu Jan 20, 2023

  • The economy list shift from dependence to city Neosubsistence.
  • Cement production from onsite rock via a tree pelletizer combine. Site development at acre scale and up. Pellet combine. Front is mulcher or tree shear - leimer chipper or wood grinder to dust to pelletizer to dryer for realtime feed for concrete making. One ton of tree to 50 gallons of oil. One ton of cement requires 20% weight in energy, or 400 lb coal [1]. One ton of tree (half ton coal) gets 2.5 ton of cement. Gets 25 tons of concrete - 25 yards of concrete [2]. If a site is cleared, 100 tons of biomass per acre. Say clear 25%, get 25 tons, or 125 yards cement, or 1000 yards concrete. Numbers are there.
  • Tree combine is much more relevant for disaster relief than Solar Concrete - both are renewable energy-powered. Stored energy has much higher power density and is relevant to generative sev pending the necessary integration.