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The OSE incentive challenge is related to the Seed Home 2 in that it develops the supporting house building materials 3D printing infrastructure. It is also related to the release of a tractor, which will be built at Factor e Farm as an Extreme Design exercise, coupled to a small design challenge on Grabcad or similar platform. It will also roll out together with a Kickstarter campaign, which delivers a coffee table book - Solving For series - for Housing, featuring Seed Home 2 as a gamechanger in digital design. Further, this will be accompanied by a High T Printer release via Crowd Supply. This all will be supported by ad-hoc Design Sprints with OSE FreeCAD Badge qualified individuals, supported by OSE Design Guides.

All of these are synergistic, and each party involved must understand collaborative literacy at a highly functional level.

There are several parties to invite through clear explainer videos.

  1. General Intro - OSE + Extreme Enterprise Hackathon + Incentive Challenge + Crowdfunding (crowd supply + kickstarter) + Book + Enterprise Training + Summer X + Design Sprint methodology, and collaborative literacy required for each.
  2. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Audience - to be highly functional in collaborative product development. Key tools: wiki, freecad, Sweet Home 3D, work log, live docs. + Many supporting tools. Large-scale coordination concepts - key principles. For each tool, there is a video there as well: wiki, docs, freecad, sweet home, kdenlive, and more.
  3. Design Sprints - basic FreeCAD Badge-qualified design supported by Design Guides. This is the basic literacy - freecad, log, version history, part libraries, live docs. For example, for Universal Axis, there are exercises to qualify people to design, say a longer axis. Or one with larger rods. Exercises that test comprehension.
  4. Incentive Challenge - focus is on coordination with a large team. Wiki, log, version history, prototyping data collection. Focusing on learning from one another- for the world's first ever collaborative incentive challenge.
  5. Crowd Supply - promo video, channeling people to design/collaboration aspects in addition to the financial support.
  6. Kickstarter - promo video, channeling people to design/collaboration aspects.
  7. Extreme Design- people who are on site need to learn a core skill set of FreeCAD, documenting, logging, video, media organizing, graphics assets, and other tasks and how they fit in OSPD.
  8. Tech School audience - reaching out to those who want to be part of a collaborative design audience. Core is learning skills for raw building power - but the real opportunity lies in collaborative design.
  9. Movement Entrepreneur audience - setting up OSE chapters in other locations, and collaborating on enterprise to make it happen. You pay for training - which includes the Summer X as part of this. Price is differentiated from Summer X only audience.
  10. Summer X specific audience - preparing people for the 1-3 month experience.
  11. Tech: house design guide
  12. Tech: 3D printer design guide
  13. Tech: Universal Axis Design Guide + toolheads. Torch, router, saw, grinder, etc.
  14. Tech: Tractor Design Guide. Reinventing the wheels, rubber tracks, power unit, control cab, 360 pivot, articulated joints, and universal frames.
  15. Tech: Automation Design Guide - remote control, autopilot with Ardupilot rover + aerial, autopilot with feedback. Simple Universal Axis programming with RAMPS and unlimited channels for machine process automation
  16. Universities - mechanical engineering, automation, CS, etc - recruit for specific projects as student design courses. STEP or FreeCAD.