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  • The use of materials to prevent the passage/spread/leakage of heat
  • Can improve efficiency
  • Can allow for ulra low/ultra high temperatures

Common Materials


  • Sleeve, 1/2" I'd, 1/4 wall -[1]
  • 1/4" ID, 9/32 wall - [2]

Rock Wool

  • Higher temperature resistance than fiberglass.
  • $2/sf, 1" thick - R4 - Roxul - [3]
  • Menards R15 batts, $1/sf - [4]

Ceramic Fiber

  • 1", $3/sf - [5]


  • Fabric made of synthetic fibers roughly similar to nylon
  • 1/4 I'd, 1/16 wall - [6]

Foamed Plastic

  • Polyurethane Spray foams etc
  • Easy to apply
  • Fills cracks well
  • Hard to remove


  • Essentially a jell with the liquid being replaced with a gas
  • VERY insulating
  • Can be complex to make depending on type + materials etc

Vacuum Panel

  • Aerogel but with a vacuum (or at least with (heavily) reduced pressure) instead of a gas inside the gel
  • The best insulator, but insulation degrades due to gas intrusion

Rechargable Vacuum Panel

  • Rechargable Vacuum Panel
  • Similar to the above Vacuum Panel, but it has ports and tubing to allow for it to be plumbed to a vacuum pump system to keep it's vacuum strong
  • No longer loses vacuum with time
  • Does require plumbing and a vacuum pump thus adding complexity (and a small occasional power draw for the vacuum pump motor however)

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