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Intentional Communities in Context

  • I believe some of the Intentional Communities take a "back-to-nature" approach because they believe that technology causes many of the problems that we face today. There is also the cost-prohibitive factor to consider as well for most technology and other communities. The approach is a bit flawed as the technology is only a tool in the hands of the individual that uses them. The problems from today arise from misuse (deliberate sometimes) of the tools that humanity has created in order to improve the general quality of life.
  • Working to partner with other Intentional Communities can help to strengthen the open source movement as a whole. The various groups can work together to become more self-sufficient. This is where true sovereignty can be developed.
  • However, since 'intentional communities' as we know them today are a marginal movement (about 1/1000th of 1 percent [1]), with little evidence for increasing traction in a significant way, or with little collaborative development towards Distributive Enterprise, the hopes of such a movement gaining economic traction in the near future is bleak at best.
  • OSE and partners can work to build an intentional community or eco-village with a sustainable, balanced approach to technology with hopes of eventually getting into the work of regenerating entire systems that have been stripped of life and resources. The community would combine manufacturing, research, and education to residents. This would enable a larger group to work toward furthering the larger goals of the movement. OSE's solution is less focused on the traditional 'intentional community', but more as a global village of tomorrow - as to be implemented in the OSE Campus concept.

Future Vision

  • Communities focused on a balanced approach to high-technology, connection with nature, sustainability and collaboration.
  • Decentralized, inter-community platforms for education, supply-chain, quality management and project management.
  • Continued outreach and support to existing communities. Partnership with others helps to ensure success for all involved.
  • Location will become another an extension of OSE having the necessary tools to conduct manufacturing, research and provide general sustenance to residents.

Existing Communities

  • A complete listing can be found on

South America

US Based


Euro Region

  • Koto Coop - Good synergy with OSE goals and mindset, would definitely look into partnership.