LifeCat 1.0/Research Development/Features

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List of desired features that should try to be worked into the design of the LifeCat

Safety Features

  • Seat belt
  • Structurally sound occupant enclosure
  • Screen/glass/clear plastic on sides to ensure limbs cannot get caught in lift arms
  • 360deg field of view
  • Parking Brake - Hydraulically inactivated - No idea how to do this
  • Roll over Protection (ROPS)

Design Features

  • Bob-Tac Quick Attach - Universal Quick Attach Plate
  • Auxiliary hydraulics at lifter arm bend on left side
  • Protected hose routing
  • Quick couplers
  • Maximum reach at flatbed truck height ~ 60"
  • Headlights mounting location
  • Dome light
  • Design for counterweight location
  • Cab forward location
  • Cup holder - Everyone loves cup holders!
  • Adjustable seat - Unlikely though

Drive Train

  • One hydraulic motor for each side, chain drive to wheels
    • Bobcat S630 is using 120 High Strength Chain while other models use 80 HSC
  • Chain case
  • Wheel mounting that transfers non-rotational load to frame, not axle
  • Here is a good movie about the skid steering mechanism [[1]]


  • Tie down locations for transport
  • Bolt together base frame
    • Not sure if actually feasable and maintaining required alignments and strength