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LifeCat is a pure skid steer machine that is a parallel project to the LifeTrac. The development process will be slower than the LifeTrac to try and understand some of the more complex dynamics involved in skid steer loading forces. This will allow for the development of a optimized frame with an emphasis on safety, human factors, construction and sound design principals.

It is expected that there will be shared development between the LifeCat and LifeTrac, however there will be difference in the initial design specifications that will necessitate some obvious changes. Additionally LifeCat will be the first machine designed in metric from the start. It could be argued that this should share the LifeTrac name, but the at the core of the LifeTrac the idea is to have a tractor, and this machine will not full fill that requirement.

Current Design Status

Early research and development

General Specifications

Coming as soon as they're developed!

Current Needs

  • Lots of R&D work required! Head over there and start filling in the missing info :D
    • Specifically some more information on Industry Standards and pulling out the useful points from the documents that are there
    • Find more DIY projects for ideas

Project Leaders

  • Mike Apostol - No longer have time for OSE for the next couple of months. If someone would like to continue this project please do so!