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The research and development of the LifeCat is critical in creating a end product that will perform well and be a great tool and safe for the user.

The Design Process - General overview of the design process

Background Research

Commercial Designs Research

  • Key Design Features
  • Pros and Cons to different designs
  • Links

Previous Design Analysis

  • Collection and analysis of the lessons learned from previous LifeTrac versions and community feedback.

Industry Standards Research

  • Analysis of required law compliance.
    • This is for stuff like safety requirements. It is perhaps not required to meet these, but an analysis and understanding of the purpose of these laws is important to justify complaince or non-compliance. Also it provides a good base for design.
  • Industry Specification Standards
    • Similar to law compliance, this is for background research, compliance is not necessary but an understanding of how things are normally measured and built is useful.

Additional Resources

  • Links to DIY tractors and other resoures

Defined Specifications

Concept Generation & Sub Component Engineering

Initial LifeCat Space Claim
  • General overview concept
    • You can see in the image to the right, the initial space claim is being worked on. The space claim helps define different sub-systems and the area they can occupy without interfering with each other.
    • This space claim shows:
      • Max height = 1900mm
      • Length = 2600mm
      • Overall Width = 1750mm
      • Wheelbase = 1100mm
      • Ground Clearnace = 180mm
  • Detailed Design
  • Human Factors Analysis
  • CAD Models - Email Mike Apostol if you would like what is done so far

Sub Systems

  • Frame
  • Lift Arm
  • Quick Attach
  • Hydraulics
  • Drive System
  • Occupant Area
  • Control Methods
  • Additional Features


  • Pictures, Videos, Discussions, Analysis, Performance Review