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OSE Technology Pattern Language

White paper forthcoming.

Design Rationale

10 minute design rational for Gear Module, discussion with Rahul Dhinakaran


(needs transcription)

Conceptual Design


Design Conditions of Satisfaction

  • Uses exising Quick Connect Wheel rotor - its shaft output.
  • Geardown module is CNC cut from 1/2" steel sheet
  • Notches are made such that the structure can be assembled only one way
  • Mechanism for quick disassembly is included
  • Mechanism for tensioning the chain drive is included
  • Enclosure allows easy replacement of parts
  • Quick attachment of wheel onto the output shaft of geardown module is possible
  • Wheel is secured via a keyway
  • Input shaft is 1-7/8" thick, output shaft is 3" thick
  • Standard cold rolled shaft is used
  • Mechanism for retaining axial thrust is included
  • Geometry must line up for the connection to Quick Attach Wheel
  • Guards protect any exposed chains/sprockets for safety
  • Method of coupling to existing Quick Connect Wheel must be used - via chain drive - while considering geometry of frame a drive components
  • Quick Connect Wheel and Geardown units must be sufficiently stable to maintain chain tension. Tightening mechanism must lock in place.
  • Reference must be provided to verify existence of off-shelf parts
  • 100 Pitch Chain must be used.
  • Concept must show approximate dimensions (+/- 2") of the geardown structure
  • Geardown unit must be no more than 250 lbs in weight

LifeTrac Existing Design

Sample Work Contract


Minutes of the Skype chat on 15.11.12