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This page is to get a better understanding of the engineering and design requirements for the wheel drive assembly.

Quick Connect Wheels - Quick connect wheels updates are generally posted here.

Shaft Load Bearing Capacity

Currently a 1-7/8" shaft is used on the LifeTrac III. Analysis is required to determine if it is strong enough while using standard carbon steel

Shaft Torsion Limit

Analysis required for using a single g8 bolt and 2 bolts, with 1-7/8 shaft

Analysis required for shear limit using 3" shaft with 2 g8 bolts, 1". This is for scaling analysis of bulldozer. Goal: 16,000 lb of pushing force for prototype 1 using same design with jackshaft

Quick Attach Wheel Mounts

The quick attach wheel mounts challenge at GrabCAD has come to a close. Analysis required on the chosen winner and other entries to try and gain as much insight to the design as possible.