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What is Factor e Farm?


We are an experimental facility. We are engaged actively in building a real-life village for demonstrating the feasibility of a sustainable , autonomous civilization thati is based on using local resources and global interconnection. By using ancient wisdom, permaculture principles, and modern production technology - we aim to demonstrate that unprecedented quality of life can be attained in a modern, off-grid community.


We are engaged actively in building the infrastructure for replicable, prosperous communities by developing and testing the tool set that can enable the effective building of such communities. This toolset is called the Global Village Construction Set. This is a bootstrapping set of tools that builds one technology upon another to produce a limited but sufficient set that can make building of the set, and of entire communities - not only replicable, but self-replicating. Welcome to Viral Village - a virally replicable community development pattern applicable in the first and third worlds alike - which focuses on skilling people to use knowledge and resources effectively. The focus of such an effort is developing a robust economy. To this end, we are developing, optimizing, and open-sourcing the production technologies in the Set - as a basis for a sound, local economy that is capable of trading in a global network of free enterprise.


We believe that we can create a post-scarcity economy where anyone interested can trascend the struggle for survival - or material, energy, information, and intelligence scarcity.


Our core team and experimental facility intends to provide an infrastructure where people join the team on a per-project basis to deploy and test the overall Global Village Construction Set. To assist in this process, we are developing a scalable method whereby resources and talent can be pooled collaboratively, such that we can invite the required expertise for bidding on and building prototypes and products. By publishing results and technical designs openly, we are contributing to a collaborative development of Open Business Models - a foundation of post-scarcity economics. We are interested in transcending monopoly capitalism, which enforces artificial scarcity. We are also developing immersion training curriculum for producers, and are offering training workshops.


The time to act is now. We believe that we can build a post-scarcity village, with a fully functioning economy, within a period of 2 years. The assumption is that we achieve a $10k per month investment level in our project, and a countless number of volunteer collaborators to organize the collaborative pooling of resources towards product release of our development items.


We are in the heart of the USA, in Missouri, one hour North of Kansas City.


We are looking for codeveloper investors interested in using the products of the Global Village Construction Set. We are looking for people interested in becoming active developers and funders for prototyping and product release efforts.


If you are interested in putting your money where your mouth is in supporting this important work, consider subscribing with $10/month for 2 years - until GVCS completion. This will be the best 33 cents a day that you ever spend in your life. You can also make one time contributions. See


(as of 4.12.09) To date, we have produced and tested the first prototypes for a high-performance tractor, LifeTrac and a high-production (4-8 bricks/minute) Compressed Earth Brick press (CEB press). We are aiming to have the CEB press ready for product release within 2 months.

Why You Should Invest in this Work

This is not our work, but work to benefit everybody. Our near-zero overhead, off-grid operation and completely volunteer effort allows us to commit 100% of all donations and investments into prototyping, building, and the creation of Open Business Modles that people can replicate worldwide. This is a rare level of efficiency - but our strong commitment to the project, wide base of private donors, and non-governmental organization (NGO) status of Open Source Ecology International - make this possible. Moreover, we are well on our way to developing a world-class, Open Business Model development capacity to move the economic system towards post-scarcity principles. See Transparency for more information.

What Others are Saying About Us

  • Interesting ideas. I don’t know of anything quite like it. — Noam Chomsky on Open Source Ecology
  • [Open Source Ecology, which] combines permaculture with permafacture, i.e. sustainable manufacturing, is perhaps the most important social experiment in the world. — Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation
  • In “The Unplugged,” Vinay Gupta wrote of a movement of people “buying out at the bottom” by using “Buckminster Fuller’s means to promote Gandhi’s ends.” This is the largest and most advanced single project I’m aware of for putting that philosophy into practice. — Kevin Carson, Mutualist Blog
  • Other interesting initiatives include where they are developing open source ecology including building eco-villages… — Victor Keegan, The Guardian
  • Factor E Farm is quite possibly the most important project in the world. - — Josef Davies-Coates, United Diversity
  • (Open Source Ecology) is yet another example of the many efforts underway to accelerate DIY technology development for Resilient Communities (The RC). As personal fabrication improves, these tinkering efforts will become MUCH more sophisticated at an ever decreasing cost. We (collectively, those of us engaged in decentralized thinking/action) are in the process of reinventing how the global economy is structured at a root level — good thing we didn’t ask permission. — John Robb, Global Guerrillas
  • The mind-blowing thing about this project is that anybody who wants to start a similar community can do so virtually for free on the outskirts of many cities in the United States… I say to all those who are actually taking up this opportunity, all the power to you. The idea is, if you can generate the money to create the system, you will reap the benefits forever. — Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Arthur Magazine
  • Marcin Jakubowski, a person I met through the excellent P2P Foundation, is blazing ahead with a very real, implementable “Global Construction Set” of open-source tools, platforms, and knowledge sets to empower a future of sustainable, vernacular, and decentralized food production, energy generation, architecture, and social structures. — Jeff Vail, Blog
  • I think this is a fascinating project, and one that John Robb has highlighted as an example of the potential for community fabrication. — Jeff Vail, Blogger
  • This is the bright iridescent future of a global sustainable village, un-tethered by the soul sucking vacuum of neoliberal globalization. Combining ecology and open source ideas, the folks at Open Source Ecology seem to have hit the nail on the head…a well articulated vision for enabling communities all over the planet to partake in global trade of information goods and services, but not be forced into the prisoner’s delima of globalized corporate capitalism. — Greg Landua, Global Village Institute at ‘The Farm’

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Visual Presentation on Factor e Farm

  • We are a farm. We started with raw land.

  • We have chickens...

  • Ducks...

  • Goats...

  • and had a Piglet...

  • We dug our own well.

  • We build our own tools.

  • Such as a lathe.
Lathe linz.jpg

  • We built our greenhouse.
Greenhouse linz.jpg

  • We built our own housing: earthbag...
Earthbag linz.jpg

  • And cordwood.
Cordwood linz.jpg

  • We will heat it with oil and gas derived from local trees.
Babs linz.jpg

  • We will also develop a solar power generator
Flat collector 3.jpg

  • We have already built an open source tractor:
Tractor linz.jpg

  • for digging earth
Digging linz.jpg

  • pressing compressed earth blocks (CEBs)
Pressing linz.jpg

  • to make piles of building blocks
Brickpiles linz.jpg

  • backhoeing
Backhoe linz.jpg

  • We are moving on to be 100% food sufficient with a garden...
Garden linz.jpg

  • Nursery...
Myrobalan stock.jpg

  • edible forestry...
Forestry linz.jpg

  • plus orchard...
Orchard linz.jpg

  • Perennial vegetables
Perveg linz.jpg

  • Herbs
Stjohn linz.jpg

  • Chicken incubator
Incubator linz.jpg

  • and canning.
Canning linz.jpg

  • We have built a workshop with CEBs
Workshop linz.jpg

  • We have built a Hexayurt...
Hexayurt linz.jpg

  • Solar Cubicles...

  • But our mission is much greater. We are developing open source products and designs...
Open linz.jpg

  • Sawmill is up for review...
Sawmill linz.jpg

  • MicroTractor is being built.
Microtrac linz.jpg

  • TorchTable is on the drawing board.
Table linz.jpg

  • RepRap is in the making.

  • With RepRap, we could print our own Grafting Tool
Grafter linz.jpg

  • So we can propagate apple trees by grafting.
Applegraft linz.jpg

  • Tractor has been built and tested, in Prototype 1.
Proto3d linz.jpg

  • We make our own biodiesel for the tractor
Biodiesel linz.jpg

  • And soon we will have CEB Prototype 2 - for very effective building
Ceb2 linz.jpg

  • It takes the world to build a village - and skilled people are needed.
People linz.jpg

  • Here's some more pictures. Panorama
Panorama linz.jpg

  • Here's some more pictures. Tractor quick attach plate.
Qa linz.jpg

  • Oh, we're just trying to reinvent the economy by local production.
OSE logo.jpg

Additional Pictures

Linz 1.jpg
Linz 2.jpg
Linz 3.jpg
Linz 4.jpg
Linz 5.jpg
Linz 6.jpg
Linz 7.jpg
Linz 8.jpg
Linz 9.jpg
Linz 10.jpg
Linz 11.jpg
Linz 12.jpg
Linz 13.jpg
Linz 14.jpg
Linz 15.jpg
Linz 16.jpg
Linz 17.jpg
Linz 18.jpg
Linz 19.jpg

Linz 20.jpg
Linz 21.jpg
Linz 22.jpg
Linz 23.jpg
Linz 24.jpg
Linz 25.jpg
Linz 26.jpg
Linz 27.jpg
Linz 28.jpg
Linz 29.jpg
Linz 30.jpg
Linz 31.jpg
Linz 32.jpg
Linz 33.jpg
Linz 34.jpg
Linz 35.jpg
Linz 36.jpg
Linz 37.jpg
Linz 38.jpg
Linz 39.jpg