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Fri Nov 11, 2022

Cheatsheets for 2nd story exterior walls File:Exteriorwall27.FCStd, Exteriorwall27.png, File:Exteriorwall39.FCStd, Exteriorwall39.png

Fri Aug 26, 2022

File:Exteriorwall26.FCStd working on cheatsheets for 2nd story exterior walls

Sun Aug 14, 2022

Seed_Eco-Home_4_3D_CAD#Exterior_Walls working on cheatsheets for 2nd story exterior walls

Sat Aug 13, 2022


Sun Aug 7, 2022

File:Seh2 wall 43.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 44.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 45.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 29.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 32.fcstd - changed to 9' studs in agreement with latest Master CAD

Sun Jul 31, 2022

File:Seh2 wall 40.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 41.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 42.fcstd - changed to 9' studs in agreement with latest Master CAD

Fri Jul 29, 2022

File:Seh2 wall 34.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 35.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 36.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 37.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 38.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 39.fcstd - changed to 9' studs in agreement with latest Master CAD

Thu Jul 28, 2022

File:Seh2 wall 24.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 25.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 26.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 27.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 28.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 30.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 31.fcstd, File:Seh2 wall 33.fcstd - changed to 9' studs in agreement with latest Master CAD [1].

Sun Jul 17, 2022

File:WallModuleScript.zip attempting to make a script for making wall modules that allows the user to specify 3D coordinates and module rotation. Basing it on CoderJeff's SH2_Panel_Workbench. Not a finished product yet. I also need to update the existing Modules 25 and 26 to offset the OSB by 3/4".

Mon Jul 11, 2022

File:Seh2 wall 26.fcstd working on changing to 9' studs. [2]

Sun Jul 10, 2022

File:Seh2 wall 25.fcstd changed design to 9' studs

Wed Jul 7, 2022

File:Seh2 wall 24.fcstd redid file types 1 and 3 to use 2x4 blocking and repositioned blocking to have it extend 1.5" below the 8' tall beadboard. This is for the 11.625" tall utility channel at the base of the wall. Added 4x8 OSB sheathing extended 1.5" below wall module to tie into 1st story ceiling joist.

Mon Jul 4, 2022

File:Seh2 wall 24.fcstd extended the wall height from 8' to 9' and created file types 1-3. Not sure how much to add to each wall module, and how far down should OSB extend? working from 11:30 to 16:15 with lunch, Instructions on [3]

Sun Sep 26, 2021

3D_Printed_Insulation, Modular_Construction

Summer X 2021

Aug 31 through Sep 14 Seed_Home_v3 build, Seed_Home_v2 stairs and some interior paneling

Wed Sep 02, 2021

Seed_Home_v3 SE3 wall module build

Wed Sep 01, 2021

Seed_Home_v3 SE3 concrete pour and misc build

Thu Jun 10, 2021

Wall Module 5

Mon Jun 7, 2021

Wall Module 5

Sun May 23, 2021

Wall Module 2

Mon Mar 22, 2021


Sun Feb 21, 2021

File:9footdoubledoor.FCStd, File:9footwall.FCStd

Sun Feb 14, 2021

FreeCAD Module Part List Generator

Thu Feb 11, 2021

FreeCAD Module Part List Generator

Mon Feb 8, 2021


Sun Feb 7, 2021


Thu Feb 4, 2021