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I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and work as an electrical engineer with 9.5 years of experience. I've been aware of OSE for a number of years, and it's stayed in the back of my mind for some time. Recently, I've become particularly interested in building my own energy efficient house, and like the looks of the Seed Eco-Home as a way to get started. My background includes getting raised on a farm and helping fix machinery, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, and several years as a hobbyist crafting small projects and occasionally use of my homebuilt RepRap 3D printer. None of these have prepared me for an undertaking as large as building my own house, and I am keen to explore the possibilities through OSE, especially if I could do it with CEB.

My immediate plan is to learn FreeCAD to a suitable level and begin helping with 3D modeling tasks.

Work Log

Logan Log


In Progress

Seed Home 2 Utility Panel 3D CAD and Seed Eco-Home Design Guide


FreeCAD BOM Generator