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  • Inspired by Jim Collins' -2 to +2 system of rating one's mood or energy level each day, and drawing simple conclusion for what activities surround a mood. Application of A Chinese Wise Man Once Told Me
  • Master spreadsheet at [1]

Aug 2, 2023

Yesterday Martin + Logan from NoVo got excited about the Comparison of OSE Build Costs to Industry Standards

Mon Jul 31, 2023

2:30 wake times 3 days ago twice, bed at 5:30. Last night bed at 5, wake at 5, after 8:30 of physical work of which countable hours are :4:40. Then did 3 of documentation and design, so a full day on uild and almost full on theory. The concept is - is 6 and 6 possible? With 10 hours of sleep. That is the current experiment. Last night it was 5:00 to bed five to rise so 12 of sleep after extended work of 8 hours 30 minutes as said. Woke up refreshed in the morning though Steph because of the lengthy sleep. Good clarity in the morning to the point of defining 24 Person Cohorts.

Thu Jul 20, 2023

Designing and building new cultures, institutions, countries, and civilizations takes a lot out of me. Yesterday I embedded at 5 AM and got up at 6 PM, when fully rested. Starting energy level of 0, to 1 after chai. Let's see how it goes. Solar Rebar and Concrete are the next steps - as at

Wed Jul 19, 2023

Up at 5:20 PM, broke the 20 minute rule. Went to bed at 5 AM after reading more Churchill's Second World War - fascinating on the invasion of Poland and England deciding to join the war at that unfavorable time instead of earlier. Wow, amazing inability to face the brutal facts - good lesson for today. Where do we need to face the brutal facts today? What are all the current military strategies today? Because in the future, we will collaborate on fixing china and north korea, and the USA and everyone else. Fixing USA, say gerrymandering, is a prerequisite to fixing north korea or russia, as you have to clean up your own house first. Such as mass cornfields - is that ok? Now up, at between 0 and 1, getting to focus. 1:30 hour sessions work great.

Tue Jul 18, 2023

Bed at 9AM, up at 2:20. Steve. Started 0, went up to 1 after Steve, and close to 2 while most of mowing. Mowed from 8 PM to 1:30 AM, 2 tanks of gas and on the third on the Husky 54" zero turn. Ok for 3/4 acre, with baling-grade tall grass, some places tall as I.

Mon Jul 17, 2023

Hard work, just electrical boxes. 0 today. Neutral. Inspired for 1:30-15 min cycles. From 6 PM to 8 AM - 14 hrs. That fits 8 cycles. 2 hrs break, 12 hrs work. Aiming for sustainable. Actual: down at 6:30 AM, took shower, back up. Vigorous discipline of getting tired, keeping to schedule: as in, pens down... Otherwise get waylaid without perspective. Ended day at more like 1 and near 2. Good energy, then tired. Important to run hard, etc - then you can sleep well.

Sun Jul 16, 2023

Bed 7 AM up 4:30 PM with 1/2 hour to pick up a tool off the work site as it rained, paint on window trim got messed up. Over the last 7 days, did 11 electrical modules, coupled with workshop organization for production - about 10 year cleaning of the workshop from 2011 torch table to Steam Camps materials. Pace is radically slow. Can I do 40 electrical modules in 10 hours today? Did 16 today, 14-29. Getting there.

Sat Jul 15, 2013

Bed 10:30 AM, up 5:30 with 20 minute rule. Good. Give it a 1. Did OSE UVP

Fri Jul 14, 2023

  • +2. Bed 7 AM after The Second World War, up at 5 PM. Reversal. Decided to sleep until I don't fall asleep after 20 minutes. Great stuff. Decided to compartmentalize: not think about mental overload of learning 13 trades in one. Requires discipline to not think about it. Thus, save it for 5 creative hours, then maybe more chai, with 5 build hours. Couple of 15 minute sessions of Elliptical machine to not get stiff.