Marcin Log - February 2012

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  • Karien from the Shuttleworth Foundation -- Reporting from Factor e Farm*

  • Karien talks about her first visit to Factor e Farm
  • Talks about the importance of collaboration, timing and results

  • HabLab Tour and Update with John (The Builder) and Karien (of the Shuttleworth Foundation)*

  • John discusses progress, techniques and plans for HabLab with Karien and Marcin
  • Cameos by the cat


  • HabLab Update -- Feb. 22, 2012*


  • CNC Circiut Mill Frame and Alignment Assessment with Yoonseo*

  • Yoonseo discusses his ideas to decouple the drive from the frame

  • State of the CNC Circuit Mill Software Toolchain with Yoonseo*

  • Yoonseo tells us about the eletronics that control toolchain for the control code

  • Sleeve Bearing Holding Screws update with Yoonseo*



  • Intro to Talk with Larry Dobson about his Gasifier Burner designs*

  • RnD trip for Marcin--with a beautiful view

  • Larry Dobson on the Gasifier Burner*

  • HabLab double walls and strawbale-insulated roof*


  • HabLab Update Feb 6, 2012*

  • Marcin discusses basic techniques being used and Floyd discusses process, solutions and update

  • CNC Circuit Mill Update with Yoonseo Feb 6, 2012*

  • Yoonseo talks about streamlining the CNC Circuit Mill and progress made to date

  • Update on all the latest machinery for Factor e Farm2*

  • Bump Valve Engine Explanation*

  • Aquaponics Water Wall Material 1*


  • True Fans Update Feb 5, 2012*

  • True Fans continue to roll in and show support -- 528 Total
  • Shuttleworth Fellowship money received so scaling up of project will happen
  • About a month away from people moving into HabLab
  • CNC Torch table being prototyped, CNC Circuit Mill moving forward, heat-exchanger steam engine and gasfire burner coming along nicely


  • Typical Steam Engine Design*

  • Discuss traditional designs for steam generator

  • Steam Generation Overview*

  • Burner Explanation*

  • Pellet burner with heat exchanger*

  • Drawing for pelletized-biomass burner

  • Reconnecting Motor on Bridgeport Mill*

  • Traction Engines*

  • Hoping to replicate similar wheels for the bulldozer
  • Plans follow-up with Iron Age's Scott Thompson

  • Bending coil to flatness*

  • Straightening Out Coils*


  • Face Cutter*

  • Replacing Bridgeport motor*

  • Flash steam generator - coil winder 1*

  • Preheater*

  • Pancake Coil 1*


  • Bridgeport Mill 101*

  • Marcin discusses Bridgeport Mill details: machine basics and parts