Marcin Log - May 2014

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Sat May 31, 2014

  • Cleaning
  • Work Shifts
  • Shopping - stove - width - 30", depth = 25", height = 37" (walmart), simmer plate
  • Van - craigslist - 15 person+ van or bus, under $7k, under 140k miles, KC, Iowa City, Lincoln - withing 3 hr driving radius
  • Hospitality Manual - [1]
  • Inventory - cooking pots, dishes, utensils, soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, etc.

Fri May 23, 2014

OSE Open Culture. Continuing May Prep. Microhouse Porch.

Thu May 22, 2014

OSE Lasersaur Operating Manual. FeF Pool Construction Guide. MH Finishing Plan

Wed May 21, 2014

Visit to Mid-State Technical College. Summer of Extreme Design/Build Intro Survey. Working on OSE Collaboration Architecture.

Tue May 20, 2014

OSE Service Contract. Moving equipment and cleaning site for bulldozing.

Sun May 18, 2014

Hypermodular Construction

Sat May 17, 2014

Garden planting, prep for bulldozing. Work on 3rd microhouse module

Thu-Fri May 15-16, 2014

U. Waterloo visit

Wed May 14, 2014

CEB_Press_Workshop_-_MREA_Course. Earthworks Plan 2014. This year's second wave of Workshops.

Mon May 12, 2014

Planning Workshops schedule for summer. Planning Gasifier Burner Workshop.

Thu May 8, 2014

Continuing May Prep's Extreme Onboarding with Team Workflow and prep list. Continuing Modular Summer Camp design. CNC Torch Table Design Sprint.

Wed May 7, 2014

Devin Log pulled in Skylar to do Height Controller for oxyacetylene torch table.

Mon May 5, 2014

Updated Assistance Offers. Responding to DPVs, working on - with Tyler Log, Anthony Log, and Devin Log. Updating May Prep with OSE Collaboration Architecture. Micro Contribution Form. OSE CAD Download Resources

Sun May 4, 2014

Continuing May Prep - prioritizing Modular Summer Camp first. Workshop Collaborator Survey. Extreme Onboarding. Learning My Sweet Home 3D.


Sat May 2, 2014

Modular Summer Camp. Double Shelf