Marcin Log - September 2013

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Mon Sep 30, 2013

Microhouse CEB floor today. Talking to Tudor Tarlev.

Sun Sep 29, 2013

Rototiller and Soil Pulverizer Development Board. Microhouse Build - pressing bricks - Soil Pulverizer at Work on the Microhouse. See Chris_Reinhart_Log#Sun_Eve.2C_Sep_29.2C_2013 for action.

Sat Sep 28, 2013

Microhouse build - rain so Microhouse Utility Module Build indoors, loft, door and window modules being worked. Fixing curl cylinder mounting on LifeTrac 6 - . Wrote Standard Collaboration Response for the Last Mile. Adding to design of LifeTrac_6_Hydraulics_-_Concept_Diagram.

Fri Sep 27, 2013

Planning meeting - Microhouse Build - shop organization, pressing bricks. Discussion with Ajay Jagtiani, IP Lawyer. Started LifeTrac 6 - Development Board.

Thu Sep 26, 2013

Kansas City Open Hardware Group. Hydraulics tool all day yesterday - plug and play 2 and 4 wheel drive, scalability to 3 and 4 power cubes. Getting LifeTrac 4 to bring brick press up to site while Lucas Log finishes hydraulics. Started CEB Press - Controller - Development Board. Cultural Revolution. Done Moving Brick Press 1 into Place 2013. 100km 1litro went open source!

Wed Sep 25, 2013

Concrete foundation pour today (Chris_Reinhart_Log#Wed_Sep_25.2C_2013) + mounting soil pulverizer on new tractor + pressing first bricks with new tractor and brick press. Getting Lucas to help. Jennifer Urban as potential board Member.

Tue Sep 24, 2013

Started Power Cube - Development Board. Ordered concrete for foundation pour - tomorrow.

Mon Sep 23, 2013

Gravel for foundation a rriving 9 AM. Putting in forms today, pouring tomorrow. Ground Rules of Social Entrepreneurship. Prepared Microhouse Foundation Forms. -

Sat Sep 20, 2013

Design Sprint from 9AM to 1PM. Critical Dev Path v9/21/13. Stepper Motor Controller - Module Diagram. Sketchup to Animation Protocol. Driving time from NYC to Maysville, Missouri - 18 hours 1 minute. Design Sprint and DPV Recruiting Plan. Microhouse Foundation and Piping Cross Section. CEB Press Development Board. Cheryl Dorsey - Echoing Green President - SEQ - Social Entrepreneurial Intelligence.

Fri Sep 20, 2013

Started Backhoe Side to Side Pivot Module. DPV Tracker.Microcombine Development Board. Use Coggle for Tech Tree of Choices. Microhouse Development Board. Critical Development Path v9/20/13. Chart, Diagram, and Flowchart Tools.

Thu Sep 19, 2013

LifeTrac 6 Modular Wheel Units - Assembly Procedure. LifeTrac 6 Hydraulics - Concept Diagram. Started LifeTrac 6 Hydraulics module page, linked to dozuki. Shuttleworth Discussion on Storytelling. Parkinson's Law of Trivialty. OSE Lasersaur dashboard started.

Wed Sep 18, 2013

Filled in LifeTrac 6 Modular Wheel Units Production Time Data. Started Operations - Site Maintenance. Started Operations - Budget Reporting. 3D File Diffs on Github. LifeTrac 6 Modular Wheel Units - Visual Bill of Materials. LifeTrac 6 Modular Wheel Units - Assembly.

Tue Sep 17, 2013

Started Purchases tracker. Continuing LifeTrac 6 Modular Wheel Units. Critical Path in Project Manager. Inventoried and secured remaining parts for Modular Wheel Units. Did total of 12 hours in the workshop including cutting/milling/drilling materials for Modular Wheel Units - see LifeTrac 6 Modular Wheel Units Production Time Data

Mon Sep 16, 2013

Continuing LifeTrac 6 Build Critical Path. Beginning on Lasersaur Build preparations. Started LifeTrac 6 Modular Wheel Units. Started Universal_Rotor_Commit_Log.

Sun Sep 15, 2013

Started LifeTrac 6 Build Checklist.

Sat Sep 14, 2013

Continuing Open Hardware Development Critical Path. Started LifeTrac Construction Set Video Script. Started Contributor Log. Updated Universal Rotor Construction Set. Tilting Suspension. Universal Mobility Construction Set. Open law from France - Sharelex. Cleared Microhouse Site - Chris_Reinhart_Log#Sat_Sep_14.2C_2013. Continuing Open Hardware Development Critical Path.

Fri Sep 13, 2013

LifeTrac 6 Deliverables Board. Katie's Bookmarks. Exploded Part Diagrams. Revamping Critical Path for Development. OSH Development Critical Path - Secondary. Open Hardware Development Critical Path. Continuing Development Protocols Needs. Water Line North.

Thu Sep 12, 2013

Graphical Tools Template. Getting ready to clear brush off construction site, source foundation materials, and ready the trencher Trencher Prototype 1 Video for its first real use after modification to new Universal Rotor. OSE Rapid Prototyping. See CAD File Formats from GrabCAD. Favorite Quotations.

Wed Sep 11, 2013

Submitted microhouse pitch to Shuttleworth. LifeTrac 6 Build Critical Path. LifeTrac 6 Deliverables Board. LifeTrac 6 Master Review Checklist. Photo to 3D. Katie's Bookmarks - Vendor Database, Operations Manual, Development Process, OSE Schedule, Staff Meeting, Routing, Material, RFQ, and Work Requisition.

Tue Sep 10, 2013

Updating Development Method Summary and discussed LifeTrac 6 Master Quality Control Checklist with Gary Log + Lucas Log + Dorkmo Log. Had Routine Executive Staff Meeting. Discussion with Karien on New Project Pitch. First Meeting with Catherine Austin Fitts. Founder Dating. Mass Rollout. Universal Rotor Construction Set. Phonebloks.

Mon Sep 9, 2013

Reviewing materials order, and working on Development Method Summary. Open Accelerator.

Mon Sep 9, 2013

Reviewing materials order, and working on Development Method Summary. Open Accelerator.

Thu Sep 5, 2013

At OHS 2013. Potential followthroughs on Lasersaur build, stepper controller finalization, 100km with 1 liter car, One Day Design Sprint - car as model for 4 days of design sprint from 0 to finalization with 0 entry barrier. Potential village pilot in Egypt. Potential keynote in Colombia. Alicia on board.

Wed Sep 4, 2013

Did Budget with Katie. Discussed goals until end of October with Catherine. Preparing for Open Hardware Summit. Docuementing CEB Press Pressure Switch Controller with James Log.

Tue Sep 3, 2013

Submitting OHS Presentation. Defining OSE License Requirements. Updating FAQ. Protocols in Progress. Development Process Graphic.

Mon Sep 2, 2013

OHS Presentation. Reviewing Master Product Development Board and reframing around deliverables in 2013 Development Template - Towards Completion.