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Old marketing materials/information which is being ported to Marketing.


What to Do?

Please spread the word about Open Source Ecology to everyone you know, especially those that might be interested in joining us here or supporting OSE. You can use the marketing materials to help.

Marketing Contacts

Please post marketing contacts on this page. Then, please contact them. If you have contacted them, indicate so. You could also post your email, and keep a paper trail by putting the emails into marketing responses.

Marketing List

Open Source Organizations


  • over 200k people worldwide are trained in permaculture and need open sourced ecological technologies to employ in their systems. OSE can provide a framework for collaborative permaculture technology innovation. I've spoken with many permaculturists who are looking for online collaborative spaces to share species lists, parts and element designs. speak with permaculture magazines about an article on OSE as a permaculture technology innovation network for element design. Permaculture Activist: USA and Permaculture Magazine: UK Liam.rattray 17:42, 30 October 2009 (UTC)



Back to the Land



The Survival Podcast

Peak Oil

Open Source Economics

Free School Movement

Other Outside Audiences

  • Video website equivalnet to YouTube, with tractors only - LifeTrac would be a welcome addition. - [[2]]
  • 'Green industry' website for people in lawn care and landsaping - who had a discussion about 'tractor vs. skid' loader. LifeTrac is both. - [3]
  • Another 'green industry' site - [[4]]
  • CEB block is one of their relief technologies - [5] - Vinay interviewed them
  • Contact some students, specifically Oberlin College, The Rural Studio, and University of Vermont

Allied Efforts

  • Sandi Brockway from Macrocosm USA - [[6]]
  • John Robb at Global Guerrillas - [7]


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