Microfactory Boot Camp - Collaborative Literacy - OSE Linux, Design Jams and Extreme Manufacturing

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This is a video explaining the collaboration architecture of Design Jams and OSE's 11 principles of Extreme Manufacturing. Design Jams are development events which can be carried out in multiple global locations at the same time, and which involve rapid prototyping whenever open source microfactory tools are available.

Some points discussed and time in the video:

  • Beginning - Discussion of OSE Linux, and that OSE currently (2018) uses Version 16. Important for Design Jams for everyone to pick up basic FreeCAD skill in 1 hour of preparation time - and to use the same version of OSE Linux Live. Live version is guaranteed to be identical - but any other installs or operating systems may vary and don't guarantee seamless collaboration.
  • 3:35 - history of Extreme Manufacturing
  • 6:16 - minimizing skill requirements so that more developers can get involved
  • 8:10 - Collaboration with Team Wikispeed and origin of the Extreme Manufacturing term
  • 10:00 - Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam to define documentation standards
  • 11:28 - The 11 Principles of Extreme Manufacturing - notes at Extreme_Manufacturing#11_Principles_Supported_by_OSE.27s_Extreme_Manufacturing
  • 29:55 - Design Jams and their collaboration architecture - see notes at Design_Jams. What makes it possible for people to continue building upon bite-sized chunks of work.
  • 34:25 - Academic open source and reputation
  • 35:40 - Discussion of what different development steps of open hardware can be done in parallel by a large team.
  • 56:01 - Example of an Dashboard showing how multiple teams in different locations can communicate results (old example prior to FreeCAD)
  • 57:20 - Leveraging incentive challenge platforms such as HeroX for both crowd funding and crowd design of open source projects