Microfactory Boot Camp - Open Source Plastic Recycling Infrastructure

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This session discusses the open source tool chain for recycling plastics. See the links to the machines at Plastic_Recycling_to_produce_3D_Printing_Filament_Using_an_Open_Source_Toolchain


  • 0:48 - Why do we care about plastic recycling?
  • 5:14 - HardwareX publication of the Recyclebot
  • 6:04 - Recycled 3D printer filament cost is 2.5 cents per kilogram to produce it from waste feedstocks using the open source Recyclebot filament maker.
  • 8:16 - The biggest challenge to recycling plastic is that you can only do it about 5 times.
  • 10:25 - The 4 open source machines available for open source plastic recycling.
  • 13:55 - Precious Plastic Shredder - features open source files available for CNC cutting at a fab shop.
  • 16:53 - Precious Plastic Extruder
  • 23:00 - Recycling rubber is possible. Thermoplastic urethane is a common plastic that can be recycled - for 3D printing rubber tracks for our tractors.