Microfactory Marketing Strategy

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Product line is 3DP, CNC Circuit Mill, Small Laser, Filament Maker + Grinder to start recycling stations in each school and to make useful products.

College Chapters

  • Start chapters, run workshops.
  • First workshop, College Chapter leader learns
  • Monthly chapter meeting. Build every other month.
  • Second workshop, chapter leader co-leads with OSE
  • Commit to running collaborative, broad-scale Extreme Design events, collaborating with the Open Source Microfactory Challenges
  • Monthly events at a minimum of 6 locations, building to hundreds of simultaneuous event days every month.
  • Chapters collaborate on product development.
  • Products are added to the Open Source Everything Store
  • Metal filament formulas or others are a good entry point, or other rapid prototyping events where products are then shipped to one location for synthesis
  • Students are encouraged to run events, and fund future development with workshop revenue


  • 2 day workshop, 5 hour each day, during school hours
  • Second day is teaching design and use of product, and rapid prototyping of machines


  • Free workshops for learning - 3DP, scale models with laser, etc.
  • Paid if anyone wants to take machines home.

University Lectures

  • Chapters help organize a yearly lecture + workshop for key OSE staff
  • University lecture can also be a kickoff of a club
  • Go through a list of universities and potentially interested organizations
  • Collaborate with OSE community who are university students


  • Day after the conference, there's a build.
  • Collaborate with conference organizers