Microfluidic Hydrogen Production Chip

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  • A Microfluidic Chip that uses catalysts to produce hydrogen from various chemicals (Gas Phase or Liquid Phase)
  • This page explores the concept of such a device, organizes available research, and plans the construction of such a chip
  • Should be Operable at or near room temperature with little to no heating required (ie not steam reforming/catalytic thermal reforming)

Used For

Possible Fuels Used


Need more research to be looked up

  • Diesel Fuel (Suggested in This 2001 Paper) unclear on which catalyst was used however
  • Oils (As in algal or seed oil) need to search more for a catalyst
  • Ethanol

Needed Variations For Gas vs Liquid Operation

  • Does Microfluidics vary from liquid to gas operation
  • Main concerns are cappilary flow, and increased diffusion into materials/past valves with gasses

=Needed Variation for Polar vs Non Polar Liquids='

  • Does the polarity of the liquid effect the Microfluidic Design?

Pressures Used

  • Gas Pressure?
  • Liquid Pressure?
  • Pumps used? (Could a simple Peristalic Pump be enough?)

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