Miscanthus Biomass Yields

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  • Also Known as Elephant Grass
  • S Crop with multiple uses, such as biofuels, bedding, cover crop and for plastics and nanocellulose
  • One acre of it yields 3 tons dry biomass per acre under typical US agricultural practices
  • 'Per hectare, this dry matter yield has an energy equivalent of 36 barrels of crude oil or about 10000 liters of fuel oil
  • Miscanthus does not require fertilizer, and is insensitive to diseases
  • It does not need to be replanted every year (once planted, it lasts 20 years).
(A) Miscanthus crop; (B) Miscanthus grass grown as bio-fuel, height is about 6-7ft.; (C) Harvesting; (D) Miscanthus bales being transported for biofuel production.


Miscanthus can be processed to (cellulosic) ethanol. It can also be turned into other biofuels via Gassification and/or Pyrolysis

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  • Tractor (tilling, harvesting)
  • Special implements for harvesting
  • Baling machine

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