Miscanthus Biomass Yields

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(A) Miscanthus crop; (B) Miscanthus grass grown as bio-fuel, height is about 6-7ft.; (C) Harvesting; (D) Miscanthus bales being transported for biofuel production.

Miscanthus giganteus (Elephant Grass) is a crop with multiple uses, such as biofuels, bedding, cover crop and for plastics and nanocellulose. One acre of it yields 3 tons dry biomass per acre under typical US agricultural practices. Per hectare, this dry matter yield has an energy equivalent of 36 barrels of crude oil or about 10000 liters of fuel oil - and this every year. Miscanthus does not require fertilizer, and is insensitive to diseases. It does not need to be replanted every year (once planted, it lasts 20 years).


Miscanthus can be processed to (cellulosic) ethanol. It can also be turned into other biofuels via pyrolysis.

Open Source Equipment Needs

  • Tractor (tilling, harvesting)
  • Special implements for harvesting
  • baling machine