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  • A Method of Producing Large Buildings Modularlly

User:Eric's Introductory Rant]]

So basically this is an idea that has been churning in my mind for a while:

You make a fram with I beams and Sheet Metal (Or Wood/Plastic/Composite Materials if the Design Allows For it Then you use cranes to lift and slide the various modules in and connect them in a similar manner to Prefabricated Homes and Prefabricated Buildings This allows large buildings to still be modular It also may allow for module swaps if the building changes uses Thus we can expand into the larger suburban (and maybe even urban in an extreme version!) in the far future

In the more near termm this could be used for a multi story fab lab, makerspaces, or living spaces on FeF etc

Some challenges include:

Not having every building be a cube/rectangular prism

  • Designing a Frame with Structual Integrity
  • Designing a Frame that can Scale (especially to the extremes), there may need to be small medium large frame designs that aare wholely different etc
  • If modules can actually be swapped, or even installed for that matter! May even need to design a custom crane (attachment) ?
  • Keeping Cost Competitive
  • Maitenence (Especially if modules turn out to not be swappable)

This would definetly be one of Long Term OSE Projects/Concept Investigations ;not really a priority, but allows for expansion into other sectors. Pie in the sky and high risk, but not without high reward potential.

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