Movement Entrepreneurs

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People working on fundamental solutions to Pressing World Issues by collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance. In OSE usage, Movement Entrepreneurs are at the core aligned with Distributive economic goals.

These are individuals that believe that the world does indeed need 'saving' - and they have the collaborative mindset to engage in doing this as their life's work. These are individuals who have cultivated a Growth Mindset and are actively pursuing the Collaborative Singularity as a means to get there, understanding that solving problems relies on upping one's skill set by finding meaning and purpose in one's actions. This is consistent with the latest theories of human development, including Antifragility, Self-Determination Theory, and Economic Sublimation. This of course all begins with one gaining sufficient Psychological Integration to begin a path of personal and political transformation as an Integrated Human. One type of movement entrepreneur of particular interest to OSE is the Microstate Entrepreneur.