Economic Sublimation

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This starts with Neuroplastic Sublimation, and is related to the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for personal evolution. Physiology is food and shelter - you need it. Security - is the comfort that physiological needs can be met. Social needs come about from security. Esteem is after one has developed a community of belonging. Then there is self-actualization, and Sublimation or transcendence.

One critique of the original theory is that a need must be fully met to pursue the next. BS. See:

An enlightened person may also observe that transcendence allows the aspirant to meet all the lower needs in resourceful, creative ways.


This is a phase of development in human economic systems where Distributed Market Substitution results in:

  1. All environmentally destructive economic practices have been replaced by regenerative ones
  2. Livelihoods are based on Self-Determination, where what people do is consistent with their true needs and goals
  3. Mass production has been replaced by Production by the Masses (ie, the distributed economy), thereby minimizing waste and increasing productivity so that more people begin their quest for Self-Determination earlier in their lives.
  4. Known Structural Evils have been corrected via Right Livelihood where what people do simply no longer contributes to structural economic pathologies. The collaboration between the oppressor and oppressed is over - and no longer does structural evil play a significant role in human affairs
  5. All humans have a fair chance to pursue Self-Determination, because their work is consistent with the higher good of all.
  6. Human systems began to promote possibility and opportunity for all, as opposed to dumbing people down or limiting access to rapid learning as was common in the proprietary economy
  7. Psychological Integration becomes accessible to everyone, such that psychopathies have been rooted out from systems-level decisionmaking. Psychological maturation occurs earlier on in peoples' lives.

In other words, Economic Sublimation is a point where all shortcomings of the economic system - especially the issue of Distribution - has been solved, and people have an honest chance to grow whole. The key is Sublimation - ie, transcendence of the ills of the economic system. A natural outcome of such a state is that Pressing World Issues have been solved, as most of them are related to the productive economy. And those isues that are indirectly related to the economy - such as human character and psychology - are put on a corrective course as people no longer act from economic desparation (ie, need to make a living).

Such a world is marked by collaboration, with proprietary information no longer limiting the growth of human knowledge and capacity, as collaboration between enterprises benefits everyone. Collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance becomes a norm in such a system, where nobody including nature, is left out.