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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Instructions: Answer a least the first 13 questions to help us understand your learning objectives, and so we all keep accountable to them. Fill out this Apprenticeship Survey Link Form to submit where you posted your answers - please post on your log or somewhere accessible. We are keeping all these answers in one spreadsheet so we can review the learning goals of each participant in one place. Click on the responses at the last link to see everyone's answers.


OSE Apprenticeship - Initial Assessment

How we interpret reality - the mental models of reality that we form - determine how we act and what we think is possible. Thus, it is important to create accurate mental models - so we don't cause trouble in the world - and so we can live to our fullest potential. This survey starts with skills/goals assessments - and moves on to assessement of possibilities (as related to the mental models that we hold) - to be revisited and studied later to see how we change and grow as a result of the OSE experience. This is thus an important baseline, and it should be open for anyone to review and contribute to in the name of transparency and growth. The questions here explore your current understanding and perceptions regarding open collaboration, tranformative work, possibility of change, and corresponding scales and time frames. This is all about gaining clarity on creating the reality that we want to build as our future goals.

What is your name?

Please use the 4 Zones of Possibility concept to assess how much you will learn.

State what you know you will learn, all the way up to what you are pretty sure you won't learn because it would take too much time or is too difficult. This exercise is useful to develop your clarity on your learning goals, and to make you think hard about what is possible so that you can be more motivated. The more clear you are about your goals, the more likely you are to learn more - so this exercise is very useful. This exercise helps you to become clear on both your goals, and capacity/commitment to get there.

Are you interested in learning how to run 24 person or larger swarm build crews on the Seed Eco-Home to add this to your skill set of what you can do after the Apprenticeship?

This would allow for higher revenue from your work.

What tracks (builder - R&D - manager - organizer - executive) are most interesting to you? Which roles would you like to learn during the Apprenticeship - Builder - architect/builder - running crews - organizing build events - business development - marketing - R&D - facility replication - supporting machines, etc?

It is really up to your motivation and skill set as far as what you choose - please share with us so we can help you get there.

For the last question, can you sketch out what the revenue model would look like for you?

Would you be interested in learning the skill set to become a director of one of OSE's 40 acre Campuses - or your own Campus - such as Factor e Farm or similar - in the future?

OSE will need site stewards in the future, and the OSE Apprenticeship can be a step to OSE site stewards or stewards of allied facilities. This could be various ownership scenarios such a collaboratively owned facility between OSE and you/other groups, land trusts, private-public hybrid structures, blockchain-accounted structures, etc.

If you are interested in building a land-based facility/enterprise of some sort in the future - what do you envision this being?

Are you interested in learning the capacity to plan and execute Seed Eco-Homes from start to finish - as a build manager or executive? This is more the executive track - where you gain the capacity to run a full service Seed Eco-Home build operation.

Are you interested in learning how to source, purchase, and substitute materials for the Seed Eco-Home from common, off-the shelf sources?

This skill leads to capacity of organizing build events, not just doing builds.

How interested are you in producing other OSE machines, as opposed to Seed Eco-Homes, after you graduate?

Are you really trying for a career change, or do you have an easy way out at the end by going back to what you were doing before?

This provides insight on how much 'fire under your pants' you have to succeed, and thus helps us gauge expectations for how hard you will work to get there.

Do you have other remote collaborators that you can partner with to assist you during the apprenticeship? Explain.

What earning goal would you need to reach to shift over to a new 'career' after the Apprenticeship?

This helps us set a firm goal for financial freedom via OSE-related work.

How much return on investment, directly related to the outcomes of the mentorship, do you think you will start to generate right at the end of the apprenticeship period? And 1 year after the apprenticeship?

What specific technical skills do you look forward to learning the most during the Apprenticeship?

I want you to tell me 4-6 things that you expect that you will get from the apprenticeship, and please tell me 4-6 things that you will teach me or the group.=

What specific soft skills, as opposed to technical skills, do you look forward to developing most during the apprenticeship?

What are your larger aspirations for knowhow and skills that you are interested in gaining in the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is a chance to explore peak performance on many levels. Soft and hard skills, technology, business, psychology, physical health, self-determination, and other big picture areas

What skills and knowledge are you interested in getting throughout your life? What would you consider success in your learnings when you ask at the end of your life?

What are your known areas of strength - skills and capacities - both organizationally, business wise, and personally?

What about your weaknesses that you would like to improve?

What weaknesses are you not particularly interested in improving?

This is more a question of your mindset - how you view your strengths and weaknesses.

How do you picture your collaboration with OSE would look like after you finish the apprenticeship?

Discuss how you would like to collaborate after finishing the Apprenticeship, whether by working at the OSE Campus, or in your own enterprise, or other ideas

How do you think the apprenticeship will help you collaborate in your work life in general?

What specific skills will the apprenticeship sharpen for you in order to facilitate future collaboration wherever you work?

What obstacles do you currently see that could get in the way of your success in the apprenticeship? How do you plan to address them?

What specific skills do you look forward to learning the most during the apprenticeship?

In your estimation, how long do you think it will take you to learn to build the Seed Eco-Home from scratch, to the point that you are comfortable building one independently? Which parts of the build are you / are you not / interested in learning?

How would you rate your enterprise skills - such as negotiation, ceation of value propositions, strategy, marketing, revenue models, recruiting, feedback loops, customer service, etc? Please explain, and share specific learning goals that you have regarding enterprise.

Which of your strengths or skills do you think will help you succeed with the apprenticeship and life after the apprenticeship?

Considering the technical definition of open source hardware, please describe how open source hardware implies 'economic freedom'? See OSHWA definition and DIN Spec 3105.

See more at https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/Open_Source_Hardware_Association

Why does OSE not use Creative Commons-Non-Commercial licenses?

In 3 months of time from start (mid point), what would you see as successful progress for you within the apprenticeship?

Within 6 months of time, what would you consider successful progress for you in the apprenticeship?

What does open collaboration and working openly mean to you?

How much value do you want to generate or create every year?

This question aims to probe into the magnitude of your social entrepreneurial ambition. Express your answer in current US dollars.==

Can you identify any blocks that are preventing you from accomplishing all that you want in your life today?

What pressing world issues would you like to work on in your life, assuming that you would have the full independence/resources to work on them full time?

If you were to write your own job description for what you would want to do with your life - what would that be?

Based on your last question, could you envision how collaborating with OSE right after the Apprenticeship would help you meet your longer term goals?

What monthly pay would you like to attain once you finish the Apprenticeship? What would be your ideal source of revenue?

This will depend on what you are capable of learning and what skills you have already?

If you collaborate with OSE on building Seed Eco-Homes, or build them more independenly, what monthly pay would you be interested in attaining for your work in building Seed Eco-Homes?

=What pay would you call a success, in your first month after the Apprenticeship? After 1 year? Also state in which country, as pay may be worth a different amount in different countries.

How do you think your involvement with the OSE Apprenticeship would be relevant to solving pressing world issues? Be specific if you can point to specific points.

What do you think is missing most in OSE's capacity towards delivering regenerative solutions at scale according to the OSE vision of collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance?

What do you think are OSE's strengths, and how can we improve them?

What do you think are OSE's weak points, and how can you help us address them?

How do you envision that the collaborative enterprise development assets (open design, open enterprise models, collaboratively-generated marketing knowhow, etc) will help you in your own enterprise if you decide to start one? Do you think that these assets be directly translatable to your own enterprise?

Do you have any reservations whatsover with respect to publishing all revenue models, enterprise plans, business analyses, marketing assets, and other supporting assets openly to facilitate startup by others? Please discuss any reservations or operational challenges that you can foresee.

Do you think that distributed market substitution is feasible? What do you think will be the greatest challenge for its attainment?

See Distributed_Market_Substitution

What do you think would be the greatest challenge to creating successful distributive enterprises?

See Distributive_Enterprise

What does a new operating system for humanity look like to you? Who do you think has enunciated the most clear vision of what that looks like, and what can we implement readily?

What is your typical flow state percentage on a given day?

See Superfluidity for a definition

How would you assess your skill of empathy?

Use scale of 1-5

How would you assess your skill of negotiation?

See Never Split the Difference for cutting edge work.

How would you assess your skill of sublimation or antifragility?

See Sublimation. 1=never heard of it, 5=I'm quite antifragile.

How would you asesss your ability to adapt or be resilient in face of various stressors?

What unique abilities can you teach others in our groups?

What important qustions regarding Regenterprise did this initial assessment not ask but should have asked?

Anything else that you would like to add that would help you or the team grow?

What do you think are the prerequisites for someone becoming a social entrepreneur?

What do you think are the prerequisites for someone becoming a Movement Entrepreneur?

Do you think that anyone could become a movement entrepreneur if they wanted to?

How interested are you in solving pressing world issues?

Do you think that Pressing World Issues are solvable? How would you approach taking a given pressing world issue and solving it? How much impact do you think you can attain in your life?

Please think about how the Apprenticeship and Summer X group will grow in their collaborative skill set, and paint a picture of how our collaborative capacity for genius will evolve.

This is a visioning question, ignore if it's too taxing.

Now comes a bunch of specific interests questions.

  1. What is your level of interest in mechatronics? Please rate 1-5 - 1 is least, 5 is most
  2. Systems Transformation
  3. CAD
  4. Collaboration
  5. Peak performance
  6. Psychology
  7. Spirituality
  8. Systems thinking
  9. Building Things
  10. Engineering/Calculations
  11. Entrepreneurship
  12. Marketing
  13. Mining
  14. Graphic Design / Visual Arts
  15. Computer languages / coding
  16. Microcontrollers
  17. Robotics
  18. Geography
  19. History
  20. Video production
  21. CNC Machines
  22. 3D Printing
  23. Research
  24. Genetics
  25. Artificial Intelligence
  26. Spaceflight and exploration
  27. Writing/copywriting/storytelling
  28. Life extension
  29. Applied chemistry
  30. Meditation
  31. Health, medicine, and exercise
  32. Medical technology
  33. Electronics
  34. Integrated Agriculture
  35. Aquaponics
  36. Housing/house construction
  37. Math
  38. Permaculture
  39. Terraforming - earth works and water works for improving the environment
  40. Aviation
  41. Event organizing
  42. Public speaking
  43. Art
  44. Music
  45. Metallurgy and hot metal processing?
  46. Theater and performance