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The apprenticeship explores the philosophy and practice of learning and open source collaborative development. We have a weekly seminar in which we explore the philosophy of collaboration, peak performance, and learning using Socratic Design.

The apprenticeship involves specific learning objectives for students that contributes to the development of open infrastructures for civilization. This involves a complete oppenness to learning, possibly unlearning bad habits, and opening oneself up to the possibility of mastery. There will be weekly progress meetings with each student where we discuss progress. We value honesty and transparency, and direct feedback. If progress is not being made, we will always discuss what blocks stand in the way, and mid-course correction may be appropriate. This is based on our approach of learning that relies on openness to feedback, as opposed to not addressing issues. Students are expected to be comfortable in honest, constructive feedback - as opposed to avoiding uncomfortable issues. The perspective here is one of true openness to learning, which can happen only by challenging one's beliefs and assumptions on an ongoing basis. If there are psychological issues that stand in the way, our approach is to address those issues - as we are interested in psychological integration of the individual. This is based on our belief that psychological integration is a prerequisite to personal growth, and thus to political transformation.

This implies a certain commitment to growing personally, professionally, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We are creating an environment where such growth is possible. Our approach is one of becoming whole as a person, what we call an Integrated Human. Some of our highest values - creaing a collaborative, open, ethical economy - are predicated on people becoming whole.

The apprenticeship is an immersion experience, and we can say that those individuals who continue to advance with OSE work - integration as a person is a prerequisite. To transform our communities, the change must begin with oneself. One cannot hope to have a positive long-term outcome without doing the internal work of personal growth - the foundation of adding value to society. It is with such a mindset that we invite candidates. For those who have lost hope in civilization - our goal is to spread hope virally throughout society. Society has gone through a psychological crisis during the COVID-19 time, and one of our goals is to provide healing. But not through drum circles, but by reinvention of critical infrastructures as we train movement entrepreneurs to take on a serious task of solving Pressing World Issues by building upon prior wisdom, knowhow, and science - and standing on the shoulders of giants.